Laser and Pregnancy

Is there anyone on here who has had laser done, and later in life had a baby. Did laser affect your hair in any way? Asking because I have heard stories about hair growing back or other things happening after having a chid…

Hair that is permanently disabled will not grow back, but other follicles that have the potential to grow hair, may burden you with hair that is bothersome. We have a lot of follicles. Some have hair that grow now, some have hair that may wake up in the future and some are empty and will never grow hair. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are those hormonal events in a woman’s life that can cause hair havoc.

Now others who have had laser performed on them may give their perspective to peace1, keeping in mind the information given about “hair growing back later in life” comment.


Apart from that, I have heard stories of it growing back, in white, say on a Asian who had black hair, it will look quite odd, is that a rare case? I’d want to talk to people who have actually had laser and not seen anything change, or have.

What someone else experienced will have nothing to do with you. Everything will depend on your body and how it will react to the hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Some gain weight, some don’t. What happens to one person will have nothing to do with the other.

One thing that’s for sure is that hair removal is unrelated to this. If you see any new growth, it will be NEW hair your body develops due to hormonal changes. This would happen whether or not you had hair removal done.

I agree fully with LA Girl, why do so many people take what happens or heard happened to “other people” and make it the gospel for them. EVERY person and there DNA on the planet is different, what works for one doesn’t work for the masses.

That is very true. :slight_smile: