Laser and mercury fillings?

[From a reader]

hi, i am hoping you may have some information on the effects of laser hair removal treatment on amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning. I had about 9 treatments on the chin and upper lip area and then in late september i began to feel very ill. i had an abcess on a tooth and thought perhaps that was what was sickening my stomach but even after antibiotics and removal of the tooth i was worse. i got to see a doctor who dals in stomach problems and was tested for mercury levels. the accepted mercury level is 150, my level was 400. the doctor said the severe tenderness in my stomach was as a result of mercury leaking into my stomach. the thing is i am now wondering if the heat from the ipl aurora laser has caused or increased the leakage of mercury as the laser was used so close to my teeth. another thing is that i also started to use meladine in september and have only recently checked out the ingredient 2-phenoxyethanol which is listed as dangerous, it should not be inhaled, should not be used on skin and several other no,no’s. its only when we are ill that we begin to question things and it seems too much of a coincidence. i have had amalgam fillings for a long time and the last one i got was years ago so i wonder why is causing problems now. has something triggered this , like the heat from thelaser or the poison of 2 phenoxyethanol. sorry for being so long winded but i didn’t know where to start finding out about this. your website covers so much i hoped you may have come across this problem before. if it has something to do with my problems then perhaps you can also let people know of this concern. believe no one would want to feel this bad, severe stomach problems, fear of eating, headaches and dizziness, memory problems the list goes on and on. anyway thanks for reading this and i hope to hear from you soon. thanks again

Laser should not be able to heat teeth to any significant degree through full thickness skin due to attenuation.

I do not know about effects of heating Meladine, but I imagine that is unrelated to mercury levels. If that’s the primary diagnosis, you should avoid eating certain kinds of fish that can have high mercury levels and talk to you doctor about other environmental factors that can affect mercury levels.