laser and electrolysis combined, can it be done?


I have had a problem with facial hair since I was 24. I recently gave birth and the problem became even more pronounced then before. After some research, I have decided to try Laser treatments (Light Sheer). I have had my first treatment 4 days ago, and the hair on my chin is back, I can’t even say if it had diminished in quantity, since for the last five years I have been plucking it every day, so I really never saw all the existing hair at once. Anyway, I understand that plucking is out of the question if I want to continue laser treatments and get rid off this hair for good. My laser practitioner told me that I can shave, but shaving does not give the smooth texture on the skin, and even after I apply make up, you can still see bumps.

I was wondering if I could do electrolysis treatments in between the laser ones. I am suppose to have a laser treatment every 6 weeks, so I was thinking to do electrolysis somewhere up to the fifth week, and let the hair grow for a week, maybe 10 days, before the scheduled laser treatment. Am I going to speed up the results by combing those two methods?

Another question, I bought a package from my Laser center, 6 treatments of the chin for $720, and if I conclude the whole treatment as suggested, spaced no less then 6 weeks, and no more then 10, I am given a written guarantee that my hair will not come back for two years, and if it does, I will get treated for free during those two years. They have the same package for the upper lip priced at $ 500.00. Are these good prices?

Thank you.


I am sure you will get much more experienced people than I am to respond to you. But, I would like to say that up to 2 weeks after my first treatment with Lightsheer Diode Laser I had “regrowth on my chin” as well. It was actually the singed hairs growing out. I panicked because the hairs where “stuck” and shaving didn’t make a difference. I was very discouraged but it’s now been 4 weeks since my first treatment and I only have about 10% of the hair back. And it is alot finer and looks gone when I shave :grin: . I never thought I could have such a smooth chin . All in all I would suggest that you give it a few weeks atleast to see if the hairs do all shed out. I was told that you can finish up with electrolysis, but I am not sure about in between.
I hope it works out for you and I’m sure someone here can answer all of your questions for ya.
(PS) Congrats on your baby


I don’t see the point in having electrolysis between treatments. If the needle doesn’t perfectly hit the follicle, it’s just an expensive form of mechanical tweezing, which can, in fact, strengthen the hair.

Six weeks sounds like a long interval for the chin, where the growth cycle is faster. I would initially recommend every four weeks.

I’m not a fan of pre-paid packages (what if they go out of business before you complete your round of treatments), but the price you paid is reasonable.



I too am from Chicago. Can you tell me where you found the lightsheer at reasonable rates? Did they seem proffesional?



First of all, thank you very much for all the responses.

I had no idea that if during electrolysis the needle doesn’t perfectly hit the follicle it ca strengthen the hair.

Any suggestions on what I should do in between laser treatments, except shaving? Shaving just does not work for me. Memorial day weekend is coming and I am afraid to get out of the house because my chin is a disaster on the fifth day after my first Light Sheer treatment.

MervSmith: here is the web site of the people I went to, they have several locations throughout Chicago land.

The manager of the location I went to seemed very nice. The office is owned by a plastic surgeon, but you actually do not see him. First I had a free consultation with office manager, where she explained basic facts about laser hair removal technique, evaluated my skin (how light, or how dark it is). They are going to offer you to buy a package during your first consultation, and if you do they will give you 10% off, but only that one time. Here is how their pricing works: $159.00 for one treatment of the chin, but if you buy a package it is buy five, get one free treatment, so that comes to $800.00, but if you decide to buy it (package) after your first consultation, it is 10% off, so that is $720.00. I do not remember any other prices, but one session for upper lip is $99.00, the package of six treatments is $500.00, and if you buy it right away it will cost you $450.00. Check them out; let me know what you think.

Good luck, polki.


I believe all you can do is try different things to coax the hairs out without plucking. You can try cleansing gently with a buff puff or loofa, or rubbing area with a wash cloth. The only thing that worked for me was damp fingers rubbing in circular motions over dry skin to try to get them to shed.
Take Care


Hair got to be there for laser to work. In other words, don’t pluck. Those hair you saw might be those about to fall out. Just shave will do.

Having electrolysis in between Laser sessions seems a very stupid idea to me, if you want, switch to electrolysis.


Hi Polki,
My practitioner was very clear about using other forms of hair removal between laser sessions, and advised very strongly AGAINST using methods such as electrolysis, waxing, epilation etc. These methods can all apparently change the hair follicle, making the laser less effective on them. For the money you are spending on laser, and the prospect of good results from the treatment, I would really try to leave your chin alone as much as you can at least for a week or two after each treatment, so the treated hair can shed properly, and then only shave to remove the hair still growing, even if it isn’t ideal for you. Just think of the end results - the inconvenience is only short term over a few months. It is worth the sacrifice, and hopefully you should see a marked difference after the first 2-3 treatments anyway, making shaving much better for you.
Best of luck,



I checked out your site, thank you for very good description of your experience with Laser Treatments.
Have you gotten the result you were hoping to get? I hope you did.

As far as not doing anything, not even shaving for a week or two after the treatment, for me this option is out of the question. The hair is on my face, and I would not dare to live a house with a beard that grew on the 5th day after first treatment, so I did shave the hair yesterday. It was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Thank you everybody. It is a wonderful forum, and a very needed place for people like me to share their “hair horrors”.


It is OK to shave 2-3 days after laser treatments. You must have patience. The results will come.

Electrolysis is used after laser treatments to get the hairs that the laser didn’t remove. Why does the laser not remove some of the hairs? Either the hair was too light or fine, or maybe the follicle was too deep.

I don’t get laser or IPL treatments in the summer because my skin gets too dark. However, I can use electrolysis to get any stragglers, including any white hairs that appear.