Laser and Electolysis? (Long)

First off I am new to the forum and I am a complete newbie to hair removal (minus shaving). I think I have read all 248 pages of post on here and I need a little clarificaiton if you guys don’t mind.

First with the background and goals. I am a 30 year old male looking to get all of my body hair removed minus the head, face, and armpits. I am actually not very hairy but I have this aversion to body hair. I actually think that if I had a very hairy chest I might enjoy it more then what I have. My chest hair is somewhere in between hairy and not hairy which just looks silly to me. As far as back goes I have hardly any hair there, I just want ot get rid of the strays that come up on the upper back, lower back, and shoulders. Legs and arms are quite hairy, but not gorilla. Now I know this process will take a long time and a fair amount of money, I am ok with this. I do not have any real issues that make me need it gone now, so I am ok with putting in the work. For me this is a multiyear project.

My confusion is this. I have read a lot of post that talk about doing laser first for large areas and going back for electolysis for the remaining. If laser isnt permenant, wouldnt the hair just come back in 5, 10, 15 years? Granted it can be a long time, but if I am going to put in the work I want it gone for good. Or does the laser actually get rid of some of the hair permanetly and the rest temporarily?

Skin is white and pale, hair is dark.

Thanks for the help in advance.

LASER is just unpredictable on what it will deliver. What we do know for sure is that you won’t get rid of all the hair, and so what ever might remain (if you don’t get stimulation, and you don’t get burned) will have to be done with electrolysis anyway.

If you don’t have a lot of thick black hair, you would not be the best candidate for LASER anyway. That’s why most of us here say that if you can’t afford to gamble and lose, just do electrolysis in the first place.

You will have to make sure you find someone who can make the most of your treatment time, and leave your skin looking like you never grew hair there with the least post treatment irritation, but if you can do that, you have a superior treatment experience.

Thanks for the response James. Obviously electrolysis is a lot more time consuming, but I dont understand spending the money on laser if there is no guarentee that it will work. And even if it does work its not permanant so you are going to have to respend the money again. Then again maybe spending the money every 5 or so years is ok when you factor in the savings on time and effort. I say 5 years because that is what my understanding of how long typical results last with laser?

Hairs that are successfully treated with laser do not come back. The hair reduction is permanent. Of course, to get the results you have to be a good candidate for laser.

I suggest you read this thread to become more informed:

Electrolysis would be better because, it is a promise of permanently removing hair. And, it will be more effective in the long run.


If you were my client, with what you described, I would hand you a couple cards of laser specialists. I would suggest laser first for your dark hair (only if it is coarse and dense) and then I would suggest that if you are still wanting more hair removed after laser has done all it can, THEN hook up with a speedy electrologist that has upgraded to the new technology. Old technology works, too, but there are advantages to the new types of technology that clients love.

Laser is permanent for the areas you described, but there are limitations as to how much reduction you may get and that is the gamble you have decide upon taking. Just like with electrolysis, you want to find a laser specialist or professional electrologist that know what they are doing with the equipment they have.

You shouldn’t be deciding based on the size of the area. You should decide based on the type of hair you’re treating. Any coarse dense growth will be great for laser, i.e. faster and cheaper. But for any finer hair and any sparse growth (even if it’s coarse), electrolysis is your only option.

There is no guarantee that EITHER laser or electrolysis will work. Both WILL work if they’re being used properly, and BOTH WON’T work and have potential side effects if they are not. Some electrologists are protective over their work and compare good electrolysis to bad laser treatments. That’s not a fair comparison.

I’m a consumer who’s had both done successfully on many areas and it’s all been permanent. Hair can’t suddenly “come back” years after laser any more than it can years after electrolysis. Anything that “comes back” years later is completely NEW hair.