Laser and diseases

we all are aware by now that lasers for hair removal can cause
premature aging, skin sagging, wrinkles, fat and collagen tissue loss.
i have recently heard that it is also associated with skin cancer and lupus erythematosus, a very severe disease.
does anyone know about recent developments on research and studies on co-relation between lasers and diseases?

I’m not sure we ARE all aware of by now that LASER causes premature aging, saggy skin, wrinkles, fat and collagen tissue loss. Some consumers report this as their personal observation. I am not dismissing these distraught consumers at all. It is something important to listen to and seek answers for. But is that true? I haven’t seen any studies coming forth with clinical statements concerning any of the above stated side effects, cancer or lupus.

When we talk about the best options for hair removal in 2006, the top two choices are electrolysis for permanent hair removal and LASER for permanent hair reduction. It is in the interest of the neophyte CONSUMER that the truth be expressed about both modalities.

Are you making these statements based on what you have read as far as consumer posts on this forum as well as other forums or can you share actual pure, unbiased scientific research with us?


where are you coming up with these “facts”? as far as any studies are concerned, this is absolutely not true. if you have actually found anything concrete that states this, please do post. though i doubt you would, because it doesn’t exist. there has been 2 consumers on here who claim they experienced sagging of the skin. however, that’s not a good indication about anything, especially considering how many consumers are on these forums. And in the end, those were self-assessments anyways, as a lot of the posts. Who really knows what the actual facts are? Maybe it was aging, maybe they didn’t pay attention to the area beforehand, maybe the area looked different with all the hair on it…who knows?

Loney, did you have that experience since you had laser on your face?

These claims about laser are not based on published clinical data. If you have citations for these claims about laser side effects, let’s see them.

Lasers have been commercially available for 11 years, and there is no long-term published data indicating that laser treatments cause any of the side effects you list.

Lasers have been linked to burns, pigment change, hair regrowth (pili bigemini), change in oil and sweat production, but I have seen no data regarding “premature aging” or your other statements.