Laser and antidepressants = low settings?

Hi, I hope it’s ok that I come in here and ask dumb questions…

I bought 6 months worth of laser treatments on one of those group buying sites. I know it probably wasn’t the best idea, but I thought I would kick off with one place and then move to another to finish it off.

I am treating my bikini and underarms. I am a Fitzpatrick type III

I am also on antidepressants, so she said she would use a low setting on me. I was really apprehensive about getting laser done, so I felt like that was fine with me.

But now I am home and reading more on the internet I realise that she definitely went too low for me. It barely hurt (except a couple of instances, but mostly it was just a bit uncomfortable) and I have no redness to my skin (3.5 hours later).

I tried to find out what settings she used, but she wasn’t forthcoming with information. It is a Diode LightSheer machine.

Do you think I should bother completing my treatments, or should I just go back in next time requesting higher settings?

They suggest coming in every five weeks, which I know is not what is recommended in the FAQ

Why does she need to use lower settings? If these meds may make the skin more sensitive, which means it’s risky to treat you at appropriate settings, then they should not treat at all.

You should go back at 8-12 weeks for these areas. I think 10 is a good trade off.

I think you need to find out if your medication means you are at risk in any way. If not, they should treat at whatever settings they would normally.

You shouldnt go lower with the settings because of the antidepressants - there is no reason.
You need to go as hi as possible with the settings as you and your skin can handle. With 8mm I would go for 35J or more…

Im a male, I did this treatments at 45J and 8mm handpiece 4x and it just stimulated the hair on my neck, back and shoulders…

Hi Miro, the male neck, upper back and shoulders is known to experience induced growth. It doesn’t necessarily mean the settings were not high enough, as even if the coarse hair is eliminated, dormant follicles can still be stimulated.

  • Only photosensitive medications are an issue for laser treatments. Check if your anti-depressants fall into that category. I suspect they don’t.

  • Please call and ask for joules and spot size used. Hard to help without numbers. Lightsheer usually comes in a 9mm or 12mm spot size.

  • Did they use compression and up and down method, or they were gliding lightly?

  • You should wait 3 weeks. If most hair doesn’t shed, ask for a touchup at better settings and with compression used.

  • I wouldn’t go by their treatment spacing suggestions. Come in when you have enough hair to treat (which should be the hair that grows in AFTER shedding happened).

  • Miro - Lightsheer doesn’t have an 8mm. Also, stimulated growth is an issue when treating finer hair that shouldn’t be treated in the first place. If the hair is coarse and dense, there is nothing to stimulate.

Im sorry, I ment the 9mm one…

There would be nothing to stimulate if ALL of the hairs in the treated area were coarse, but I highly doubt they are…

I allready send you the pictures in another thread, you can look - but note that on the camera it is allways a little bit lighter than in real.

PS: And dont think I have personally something against you, I just want to say that laser isnt allways succesfull - allso if the hair is coarse, dense, the settings are high, it is used on chest, butt, stomach or underarms and the machine is used properly (I dont why it should be difficult to use, just turn on, try a nice setting on skin, and if it can handle it, just shoot the area down :slight_smile:

You allso cannot say that it is almighty if used properly bcause it isnt. Sometimes it just dont works :wink:

I checked out your photos and posted my opinion on there. Your hair is not coarse. It’s very dense, but not coarse. And it’s not very dark.

Hi, thanks very much for your feedback. I did notice significant reduction after 3 weeks, but then after five some more hair had come in to treat, so I went back at the five week interval.

apparently they used 26j the first time, and this time 28j.

I forgot to ask about spot size, but it said 1cm2 on the machine???

I missed the bit about the compression and up and down method, will have to google what that means exactly, but I suspect not.

After 3 weeks, you should see all hair shed. It’s not a “reduction”. Then 5 weeks later, you’re seeing NEW hair from the NEXT hair cycle grow in. It’s not the same hair.

Lightsheer device needs to be used while pressing down on the skin for best results. That’s all that means.