Las Vegas Help... James?


I live here in Vegas and was interested in an electrologist. I was considering flying to see someone like Fino or James but while searching I found James recommend someone named Ingrid Carlos here in Vegas. My question is: Do you have any idea at the speed at which this person works? Would it be as quick as some of the “best” or if I wanted quick results would it still be better to fly out? Does anybody else here in Vegas have any experience w/ Ingrid? I would love a local place, but the experience and speed at which some of these others work might be of interest to me. I’m looking to do my entire back and buttocks and hands along w/ perhaps thinning out my arms. Thanks.

It is my understanding that Ingrid does not work as fast as I do, just as I don’t work as fast as Fino does. (Does anybody?)

I can’t say, however, that the increased speed would make up for the increased expense of airfare. Of course, there are some really cheap flights between Las Vegas and major cities in New York, so I can’t really say.

One thing I do know is that Ingrid does not book sessions as long as either Fino or I do.

I don’t know any other Vegas Area Practitioners, and I don’t think anyone else on the board has ever posted about any.

If you do check out the few of them out there, (I have only heard of 6 being in the city) please post your reviews here for the rest of us.