Larry (Lorenzo)

Lorenzo Kunze has been here in SB for the last few days (Rocky Mt school of electrolysis and laser). We are plotting our next outrage. Google “Lorenzo Kunze + laser” and find his credentials … sort of THE guy in the laser field. I’m learning a lot of “inside information.” If you have any questions ask me and I will ask him.

One interesting thing from Larry: Lasers do not work “at all” on the “punkt null” private areas. So the folks doing laser on their “hoo hoo” areas may be wasting their time. His reasons for laser not working in this area seemed very solid to me.

My question: The reasons are??? (not working in this area)

Larry said that lasers have a more difficult time differentiating between red and brown (color of most hairs). In highly vascular areas (with a myriad of capillaries at the surface … that can easily be seen), too much light is absorbed by the surrounding blood vessels (red) and consequently not enough by the surrounding (brown) hairs. Such areas as the “scrots” and “labial area” are such vascular areas. He indicated that none of the lasers he has used worked on these areas (he has used everything). This seems like a reasonable explanation to me.

BTW, Barbara the CPE logo … I drew that in Illustrator for the AEA a few years ago.

The explanation makes sense to me, and has been proven with the experience of clients who tried, then sought electrolysis.

Michael, The CPE logo is a classic. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in appreciating the range of your talents.

Most of my TG clients request electrolysis preop. as suggested by their surgeons and the surgeons are aware of LHR.

Thank you Michael! I really respect that this information gets out. We all need to be open and figure out what works and what doesn’t ! We ALL ( laser, electro practitioners and clients need to know and be informed for it is ultimately in all of our best interests !
Hearing this news from such an expert makes me wonder then about , for example LAGIRL on this board, who has shared of her successful results with laser ?? Are these people the rare lucky ones or ??

I know LAGIRL.
If you read through her posts, you will see that she finished up with electrolysis what laser could not complete.

Yes i don’t deny that but she has also said that she had great success with laser .

Michael , I would most want to ask: is about long term melanin production on skin after laser is complete, say 8 sessions…is there any negative changes with the way the skin handles sunlight, in terms of melanin production. I have some concern that the melanin may be adversely affected and for many, especially older people , which could mean weak or splotchy reaction to the sun post laser completion. This is a hunch that I have no idea if it bears out but maybe he has some insight on this. Can you please ask what he may know about this topic > Thanks so much.

LAGirl had great success with BOTH electrolysis and LASER. Millions of people worldwide have received laser and I am not hearing any hair raising cautions about serious side effects in the medical literature.

Michael, what does he have to say about permanency in laser hair reduction in ideal candidates and with proper treatment settings?

Well, you have to consider that Larry owned a school for lasers and is still a big proponent of laser. If I “read between the lines” however, it’s interesting that his next area of interest is not in hair removal, but skin “conditioning.” He’s “into” the CO2 “pixel” combined with erbium treatment for facial skin. I’m seeing Larry in 2 weeks, and I will keep track of your questions. (I think you could write to him too, he seems pretty up front.)

As you state it: perfect conditions … I would say that results would be excellent. (I still have a few chunks of hair missing from different laser “experiments.”)

Dfahey, Arlene,

To be clear, I am NOT implying that electrolysis is not a great,and proven method of hair removal , in face my topic was not about electrolysis at all so i am not trying to begin a dispute in that regard ! I was simply sticking with the topic of this thread which was about poor laser results on the bikini area, and wondering why some people ,including members on this board, claim long term results with loss of a great percentage of hair if it doesnt work as confessed by a pro like Larry when he shares the inside news according to his expertise! Thats where the puzzle , question is for me. Its been a few people who have told me of great results and reading this board which has influenced the choice to try this experiment at all. So far i have not had results but i am being told i also need more treatements , and likely at a much better facitlity. I feel like i am a broken record here but i would happily choose electrolysis but there is nothing here ,i learned that the hard way,so that is not even an option until i live elsewhere…

Danika, Michael seems to be referring the areas such as the labia. If you are just having the bikini line treated i.e. what is outside your underwear if you are wearing a bikini, this shouldn’t be an issue.

I don’t know why you are not seeing results but it could be a whole host of issues. It is not about ‘more’ treatments, just a few with good settings.

I had a ‘bikini thong’ done and it was finished in 3 treatments.

If I’m not mistaken, the bikini area and underarms are two of the most successful areas for laser. If I get to work with Larry, these will be the two areas that I challenge laser to an “electrolysis show-down.” I want to photograph the procedures and do a full write-up of all the treatments (with Dr. C as a neutral observer).

Wouldn’t it be nice to see some side-by-side evidence? I would like to do 5 or 6 patients: one side laser and the other electrolysis. This is my “dream” to do this. I figure that to pick the best area for laser (and best patient for laser … white skin and black hair) will be the fairest test of all. So far, the doctors I know that do laser will not do the side-by-side. I suppose they are too focused on earning a living to do experiments?

So, every night when I say my prayers …

I’ve a question for Larry. Would a laser treatment cause/trigger spider veins in certain instances?


We need to get Larry on this forum!

Yes it would be great to have Larry here! We really need honest answers, especially those of us living in areas where electrolysis is not available and have only laser hair removal as an option. I would so appreciate blunt, honest , experienced information !!

I’m working with a company that is going to put together an on-line “data collection” bureau: electrolysis and (perhaps) laser. The project is going to take at least 5 years to establish some degree of “standards.” Our intentions are to make these data fully objective, verifiable … and, defensible.

We are still several months out from the “launch” and the appropriate experts are on-board at the moment. The intention is to help the electrologist and the public make informed decisions that are fact based. Were it not for Hairtell, this project would not have evolved. Hairtell has illustrated the intense need for such a project.

Larry sent me this today for further information:

Hey Mike,

Just read up on Hair Tell – and just I wanted to clarify (so there are no mis-understandings) - I’ve had a few emails and calls…

Lasers work better on pigmented bikini line hair than any other area – reason being: this hair is non hormonal (produced at puberty), thicker and darker hair (more opportunity to attract the laser energy) and generally most bikini hairs lie parallel to the top layer of the skin (not very deep).

The genital areas such as the labia and scrotum do not work as well. I have cleared the bikini area (non genital) in 4-6 treatments however, the genitalia usually needs a treatment 2-3 times a year. This hair can stay away up to 4-6 months, but seems to always reappear. Usually the hair grows back thinner and not as coarse. The reason for this is that the red blood vessels reflect the red laser light used for laser hair removal (LHR). Wavelengths such as: 694nm Ruby, 755nm Alexandrite, 810nm diode and 1065nm Nd:YAG (near infrared – IR) are red wavelengths. Red reflects off of red and does not allow the laser energy to absorb to the small hairs. Also, the hair follicles in the genitalia area are surrounded by oil glands, which is an insulator, which will protect the follicle walls from heat and laser energy. The other hairs on the bikini line that are not on the labia, scrotum, etc. are mostly surrounded by water which accelerates the effectiveness of the laser energy.

I hope this helps…you can post this if you like.

This is very interesting. I know Larry has been working with lasers for many years.