large areas?

I am considering getting electrolysis on my legs & maybe arms & face, but from what I’ve read it’s only suitable for small areas like upper lip & chin. Is this true? I am avoiding laser because I’ve decided if I’m going to spend money, I’m going to spend it right! I don’t want to end up hairy and poor 12 months later after laser. But is it possible to treat large areas like the legs, arms etc with electrolysis? Also, will it cost me a fortune? I mostly shave my legs, and tweeze facial hair, but I haven’t done anything to my arm hair, if that helps. I’m 18 years old (female). Thanks alot!!

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It is perfectly possible to clear an entire body with electrolysis. Cost depends more on the rates of practitioners in your area, and any discounts that you might be able to get for purchasing large treatment area deals.

The least expensive electrolysis is that which is done right the first time, and gets to first clearance in the shortest possible time. Baring an area is usually the quickest way to permanent clearance, although it is not always the most practical or desirable treatment plan.

thankyou for that, it has lifted my hopes :smile:

Clearing out all the hairs in the area and not leaving a single one when you are done :grin:

wow that would be really good!! :smile: But how long, approximetely, would it take, say on a lower leg? Thanks James!

If you have to use galvanic or blend to get permanent hair removal from electrolyis, I would think it would take years to get the legs cleared!


One could still clear out the legs in 9 to 18 months time using either Galvanic or Blend. One would just have to put in the hours during that time.
If the legs were “virgin” hairs, they would most likely be easy to remove at lower settings that go by quicker than the hairs that form from many years of waxing.
As I have said before, there are frequently 25 hairs per square inch or less on the legs. It would be possible to clear with blend in a short time, with a good practitioner. Thermolysis is just faster. What works best on each person is a very individual thing. That is why the electrologist and client must talk during all phases of the treatment, so that the plan would work.

I should have mentioned that for most ladies, I am able to clear out the lower legs from knees to ankles on the first day in less than 4 hours. Upper legs are less time until you get to the bikini line which takes a little more care. Most women are more interested in clearing out the lower legs first, so that is where we start (and sometimes finish)
It often takes just as long to clear out a man’s cheek as it does both lower legs on anybody. This is why most people have the mistaken idea that legs are to large to have done in electrolysis. They are basing their time math on how long their face takes and faces have many more challenges than legs although the face only accounts for about 25 square inches, while the legs are fully one third of the body surface.
For one, the average face has at least four times as many hairs, and the angles of insertion are totally unpredictable. Legs have fewer hairs, and they usually are all facing the same direction. One can do many more square inches per hour in legs than one can do on a face with fewer contortions needed for both client and electrologist.

Large areas are a tricky one. If you have light skin and dark hair, it might make sense to find a VERY experienced laser practitioner to give you a couple of treatments followed by electro.

If your hair is fairly sparse, electro from the get-go can be fine, but again, if you want to spend your money right, do your homework and find a VERY good practitioner!