Lapse in treatment for facial hair


I’ve been gone for a while, but now I’m back. I began thermolysis last September when I was just overwhelmed by the amount of facial hair I was growing. In two months, having a 30-45 minute session once per week, I saw dramatic results. I was so happy that I was practically skipping to each appointment. I became a strong supporter of this method of hair removal. Sadly, I had to abruptly stop treatments due to personal and financial reasons. I’m ready to begin again - and so is my face!

Does a lapse in treatment stop any of the progress that was seen before? The reason I ask is because my face looks horrible as if I had nothing done. The results during treatment were phenomenal, so I attribute this to time and my body showing what was still there. Is it just because all the hair had been allowed to grow? I’ve only been shaving the hair since I stopped treatment. An occasional pluck if the hair is too deep or appears infected.

Any tips or thoughts are appreciated!