Lanugo Hair Question

I have been getting electrolysis from the same provider since august of 2020 and I am seeing great results but i’m worried that I am seeing hair growth on other places on my body. I relapsed into anorexia and I believe that I’m experiencing lanugo hair growth on my face and body. I’ve tried looking it up but I’m not finding the answers to the questions I’m asking. Does anyone here know if I experience lanugo hair growth due to anorexia, is that hair growth permanent or will it go away once I recover from anorexia?

I’m afraid I dont have any experience with anorexia induced languno hair. Is that even a thing that happens? So I’m afraid I cant coment one way or the other. Maybe one of the other electrologists would know more about this phenomina?

A local Santa Barbara endocrinologist, Dr. Schwartzbein, has addressed this issue; and she should be a speaker at an AEA convention. She has an excellent book on diet and related endocrine issues.

I would look-up “anorexia induced hair growth,” because lanugo hairs are specifically hairs seen on new born babies. However, I see that lanugo hairs can develop on people who are in starvation mode.

But indeed, anorexia causes hormonal changes and those changes can induce hair growth. I do not know if these hairs will “go away” once the condition resolves.

Here is more on-line information:

Thank you, i will look into the articles you posted. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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