Lamisil and Electrolysis

I need to know if anyone has taken the drug Lamisil, for a nail fungus, while they were having electrolysis. Preferably some one who was treated by Electrology 2000.
I ask this question because Lamisil deposits it self in the keratin in the nails, skin and hair.
I am planning on going to electrology 2000 in Dallas soon, and because of the intense sessions I was curious if the Lamisil
would cause me complications like scaring. I called the manufacture of the drug and they said they did not have any data regarding electrolysis and the use of Lamisil. I called Bren the co owner of Electrology 2000 in Dallas and she could not give me an answer.(yes or no)
She was unaware if any of her clients had taken Lamisil shortly before or during treatments.
I will be on Lamisil for another 80 days and then I am told it can stay in the skin, hair and nails for up to a year.
I would hate to wait a year to start
electrolysis :frowning:


You won’t get a fungal infection during treatment, and your electrolysis will go along as expected. There are no negative side effects to mixing electrolysis treatments with this drug. I got that on authority of one of my “Electrolysis Super Friends” who happens to be a former pharmacist. Put your mind at ease. Everything will be fine.