Lakewood: Maureen Raye O'Beraigh, C.T electrolysis

Maureen Raye O’Beraigh, C.T.<br>
<p> Conveniently Located in Downtown Lakewood near Lakewood Hospital<br>
(216) 228-8886<br>
Office Hours:<br>
By Appointment Only

Description of Practice:
<p> For men and women. Specializing in permanent removal of hair from face and
ALL parts of the body <br>
including, but not limited to:
[li] Chin and upper lip </li>[/li] [li] Bikini area </li>[/li] [li] Under arm area </li>[/li] [li] Breasts</li>[/li] [li] Male beard removal</li>[/li] [li]Genital area </li>[/li] [li]Pre-operative hair removal for SRS </li>[/li][/LIST]
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