Ladies, you're not alone!

My partner was looking at Reddit today and gave me a heads up about this thread:

There are millions of women who have enough hair on their face that it bothers them. It’s not just you! Don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t let your hair define you.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I scanned the writings and mostly see laser mentioned. Here and there you see a couple statements about electrolysis, such as, “Electrolysis is the only permanent solution. Very painful - but worth it.”

I still, after all these billions of years killing hairs, wonder why electrolysis has never gotten any “traction” in the public’s mind? Everything else, the good the bad and the “rip off,” instantly becomes part of the public dialogue about hair removal … but not the old tried-and-true electrolysis.

My old (retired) physician friend wanted to know if I’m “doing ‘no-no’ yet?” “NO-NO?” Pleeeeazze!

I went to a real estate open house yesterday. The agent was also an esthetician. I told her I did electrolysis and she said, “On my gosh, do people STILL DO THAT?”

Well, yes they STILL DO … but why electrolysis is still invisible baffles this old brain of mine. Can anyone “fill me in?” Please! What are we (I mean all of us and the associations) doing wrong. What, exactly, is it that keeps us “in the closet?”

ALL “closets” are bad by the way! Come out, come out, whoever you are! Whichever “closet” there is, I come out of it … and, I’m not even IN one!

Maybe TBC is right (my Japanese friends). They want me to get a well-known “celebrity endorsement” to promote electrolysis in Japan. I have a couple for them … but not “famous enough,” so they say. One is an up-coming (amazing) “Rock Star” and the other a real movie star … but, 20-years-ago. You can’t win!

Is that what it’s going to take? Some SUPER FAMOUS movie star “coming out” and talking about his/her hair problem, and how electrolysis solved it permanently?

I fondly remember Danny Eastman (Beverley Hills) “outing” all his movie star clients: everybody from Elizabeth Taylor to Cher! (It shocked me, because I could not do that to anybody). Still, people were impressed I suppose.

For me, I want to see the scientific data … I’m not impressed with WHO says, “it worked for them.” I think I’m in the minority?

Your comments will be greatly appreciated!

A brilliant post as usual, Michael. About stay without “out of the closet”. Maybe your Japanese friends are right, and Electrolysis requires that a celebrity is interested in it.
The late Princess Diana, for example, no one paid much attention to the activists against anti-personnel mines until she lent her image to the cause. And AIDS, Rock Hudson had to die so that the world was serious about this virus. ALS is another disease that nobody knew until Bill Gates threw on himself a bucket of ice water, and thus received more support for research.

But deep down I feel that if most members of the profession would have taken his work seriously, we would not be talking about this.

Maybe what TBC and Japan needs is an effective and painless electrolysis, at an affordable price for the average of its inhabitants and according to the standard of living in each city. In short, that you do in California. Without this strong foundation, the pull of one of these celebrities will last the same as a night of fireworks, and leave the same trail, smoke and ashes.

A NEW advertising campaign for TBC?
This would be something like…

So, does it need to be this celebrity telling you so you’d believe it?

Is not it enough if this other man tells you?

If it is a matter of success in their respective fields, both meet the profile.

But if it’s a matter of fame and fortune … Portugal wins by “landslide”.

Still, which one do you think is more sincere? :wink:

he he he