Ladies - Results with Laser?

I have slight hirsutism on my upper lip, chin, and neck. I am in my mid-20s and I feel as if the hair has gotten darker/thicker within the past year and now I have bumps under the skin (I pluck and use dipilatories). I’m interested in Laser surgery. I have tried photoepilation a few years ago and that did not really seem to help (maybe made some of the hair lighter). Are there ladies out there who have had any sort of long-term luck with Laser Surgery for hair on the face? Thanks!

For upper lips, Electrolysis with a good practitioner is a much superior result.

The bumps you see are weak hairs trapped beneath your skin, in many cases. Exfoliation often brings these to the surface, and the raised area subsides.

Tea Tree Oil, and/or Tend Skin would do this for you.

I agree with James about electrolysis for face. Before beginning elec., I had dark hairs all along my sideburns and chin. Now there are a very few light ones (which of course, only I notice!)
I’m not just saying this because I am an elec. fan- I am actually doing laser for legs and am happy so far with the results. But a far as face- elec. with a GOOD technician is the way to go.

If you have coarse and dark hair, laser would work great for you.

I have had GREAT results with laser… I have posted my experiences here: