Lactic Acid safe to use during electrolysis?

Obviously few days after electrolysis, would a 40% lactic acid peel be too much for the skin? Or would a serum with lactic acid be a better call?

It would have a lot to do with how quickly you heal up after treatment. My clients would be ok to use something like that 72 hours post treatment, but I know of people whose treatment experience would require 3 to 4 weeks post treatment.

Why are you wanting to do a “40% lactic peel” (or “serum”) in the first place? What is the condition you are trying to resolve?

Typically I have combination skin. But every since I started electrolysis I feel like my face has become dry. I increased my water in take and when I put moisturizer on, it seem to still be dry. so I wanted to do a lactic peel on the area I’m not doing the electrolysis on and maybe use melapad or a serum with lactic acid & mandelic acid to help my skin heal better.

Typically the AHA-type products are used for irregular pigmentation, acne and photoaging? I think the “LelaPad is glycolic acid (mostly) and used for similar situations?

Why do you say this will “help my skin heal better?” How, exactly, will these products contribute to the healing process or reduce “dryness?"

(All such products create their own inflammatory response (as intended). Is this reasonable during electrolysis?)

I would not do anything. Continue with electrolysis. Get it completed. Wait several months and then if the hyperpig hasn’t faded, consider doing something to help it along. That’s my personal opinion :).

May we please see another picture of the area(s) that you are focusing on?

We are still on the left side. Friday she’s going to clean up the rest of the hairs. Then I’m assuming next week she will proceed to the right side. Most of the hairs are on the sides and on my chin. But most of the discoloration is under my chin. Well damn its all over lol. Some parts worse than others. She told me not to put cream on the hair to prevent clogged por & to continue exfoliating. She gave me a cleanser from osmosis. My concern is that I use SPF daily and and I have it in my moisturizer which I don’t use anymore because I don’t wanna clog my pores. Smh this electrolysis thing really take a lot of patience, & discipline. Its so much you can’t do…

Just curious, is she having to stop to lift out ingrown hairs?

Yes, patience is needed, but the reward is great. Get this aggressively cleared. The first six months is the hardest. Don’t tweeze.

No she never had to take any ingrown hairs out. I haven’t tweezed since 2 months ago and that was just a couple hairs… Other than that I haven’t tweezed in about 3- 4 years. I just clip the hairs really low with a lil manicure scissor. As much as I want to aggressively clear the area, It’s a bit expensive for me cuz that would be $220 weekly if I go twice a week for an hour. The discoloration is what makes it look worse why if wanted to do the lactic peel…

What does the Esthetician think about doing a lactic peel?

I didn’t mention it to her as yet. I was only going to start it on the right side since she hasn’t started that area yet and see how my skin react to it. I’m more uncomfortable with the hyperpigmentation than the hair. While yes I do have hair everywhere, i can always clip them down and its barely visible. But everyday I have to use makeup to cover this. I work in a bank and interact with people everyday. Im not asking for it to totally go away but if they can lighten up some to the point where I don’t feel like I have to put pile of makeup on they I’ll be good.

Totally understand!