KNEES- do they not work with laser?

Went for my second LHR with the coolglide yag . The shedding has happened and it is pretty patchy but the knees there is no shedding at all. I called, and they do not do retreats, but she said for whatever reason the knees do not seem to respond on many people and it for some reason is just an area the laser cant do. Its strange because the hair there is thicker than other areas of the leg that did seem to shed ?? I am a bit frustrated because the treatment is totally painless, and there is no redness or any sign of treatment afterward. I get more of a reaction from shaving. I wonder why they can not up the settings to get more results, and because i have light skin but that is the setting they choose to do . At least it is better than the unreal low settings i had elsewhere.

My knees responded fine. The finer hair is still there but the rest is gone.

I’d say with good settings it WILL hurt to the point where you grit your teeth. You will get redness and the area will stay hot for hours. Sometimes welting as well.

They might be better than your previously low settings but if they are not aggressive enough… don’t expect permanency. And you should get shedding of all the hairs, even if the fine ones.

From my experience, the knees were less painful than other places. The top part of the knee seems to do fine. The sides of the knee is where I seem to be seeing it work less

I only had about 30 % shedding , none on knees or back of legs. Was told that no matter how often u treat or what settings if your hair is not in the right stage , i think they said andegen that those areas will not shed. Also told that i should use the ipl ipl minstead of yag side because it can be used with more aggresive settings and only has a bad rap because of lack of long term studies. I really wonder if it is just because it is so much faster and they really dont want to bother being asked to use the yag side when they use the ipl side on everyone. Strangely i think i did have a better shed when that side wa used first time though i had paid for the laaser side. Sheesh. It almost makes it worse when you have done alot of research .You cant exactly argue with the logic that comes but it is all exhausting .