Kinda dissappointed

Well, I started my Laser treatments at the beginning of Oct. with the Lyra Laserscope (NY:YAG) I have 2 treatments under my belt, with not much of a difference. The Dr. recommended 5 treatments 4 weeks apart for my facial hair (type III female).

Long story short…due to an unprofessional office and broken laser machine, I’ve decided to look elsewhere.

I am afraid my selection of laser clinics/places are quite limited. Here is what I’ve found and have a free consultation with on Monday. This cosmetic surgeon has Lighsheer SC High Powered Pulsed Diode Laser. I’ve been reading about this via the internet and wonder if this an outdated machine?

Please let me know your comments regarding the Lightsheer SC…


Whew!!! This morning I had my first Lightsheer Laser appt. and boy was it ever much more impressive than the Lyra Laserscope.

The setting for the Lightsheer appt. was 35 joules and it felt much strong than the Lyra. In fact, something, that has never happended in my previous appt. with the Lyra…my hairs were zapped and fell out immediately. I have some stray ones left, however, I don’t want to mess with my face yet and try to remove these.

Overall, I am very happy with this “second” try with the Laser.

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