Keratosis pilaris

I have keratosis pilaris–clogged hair follicles on my upper arms which form small “zits.” It improves with treatment, so long as I continue the treatment, but would permanent hair removal fix the problem for good? Has anyone else tried this?

No one can tell you for sure if this would help you.

If you had electrolysis in the effected area, you would loose the hair, and possibly reduce the amount of sebum produced by your sebacious glands, but that doesn’t guarantee that you would not still over produce sebum and still end up with a clogged pore. You would just lack the hair as a wick for the sebum you produce.

I am not saying it can’t work, just that there is a possibility that it may not.

You may want to try out a test patch in one of your worst areas to see how it responds to treatment.

There usually are many more pores on your skin than you grow hairs. Even if electrolysis would destroy some sebacious glands along with the hair, you would still have many others which are untouched.

I think I also have it, I just didn’t know the name. I asked a few dermatologists about it. One said it’s a lack of vitamin A and gave me some cream to use. (Of course it didn’t work). Another told me it’s exema. (Moron!) Yet another rolled up her sleeve and showed me that she also has it and it’s ‘normal’. And the last one that I asked, wasn’t really sure. He said he could give me a cream, but it’s very expensive (for something he wasn’t even sure).

And then people talk about bad electrology. Yes, it’s very common, but bad servises are now a norm – don’t be intimidated by moron doctors just because they somehow got their licenses.

Mine is “under control” with Retin-A (not Retin-A Micro) and AHA/BHA moisturizers, but I would rather have a permanent solution. I might try a test patch. It is not uncommon, but also not normal.