Keratinase Enzyme?

Now let me preference that this method is still being developed and worked on it’s just not being advertised. So don’t think it’s some whispered snake oil home remedy that “clearly doesn’t work because it’s not advertised”. If it doesn’t have a finished product lined up it’s unlikely to be advertised on top of the fact that no one’s really asking for this kind of method.

So the topic of discussion today is: using enzymes to break down and stop the formation of hair cells.
This method has been circling around for a while with various levels of success after remove the follicle normally by waxing and this is a partly due to the type of enzymes used such as papin and trypsin which hard keratin that makes up hair and nails is resistant to these types of proteolytic enzymes. keratinases are unique in their ability to break down hard keratin and is currently being used in the leather and wool industry you can even find cosmetic products that has the enzyme as its main ingredients though that is commonly used for skin brightening and rejuvenation; but as these articles explain, it is still a possible method that I believe just needs a little bit more love, attention, and exposure to the public to inform and educate them on this new possible venture for permanent hair removal options.,degrade%20the%20insoluble%20protein%20keratin.&text=This%20study%20focuses%20on%20the,aging%20products%20to%20reduce%20wrinkles.

Now theoretically you’re probably still going to have to epilate the target region most likely waxing for easier access and most efficient results. To be clear, I understand the other long-term options can be efficient, but many of us understand that they don’t suit everyone and more than likely needs additional assistance in its treatment; like most long-term hair removal is most effective when your hair is in a certain growth phase and the best way to keep it in this phase longer and more hair being in this stage in between sessions is to promote healthy hair growth, but I can’t find anything that solidly agree or really any information; to me it would make sense, but, depending on your hormone, you would still run the risk of causing more unwanted hair growth so there’s always going to be risks. With this method I could see it causing cicatricial alopecia (aka scarring alopecia) for the targeted areas, it’s known to be irreversible and doesn’t really look good but with proper Aftercare it could be beneficial for permanent hair removal.

So if you like this possible method, see if you can’t find more research and spread the word.

  1. nothing can be rubbed into a “tweezed” follicle. A hair removed from a follicle is not “open.” 2) if the product “weakened/destroyed” the follicle, it would also destroy the epidermis … I’m not buying it. I’ve been around these researchers for almost 50-years … same story and same result: “pipe dreams.”

They key in this document is: “it seems realistic that keratinases, given the premise of their specificity for hair and skin keratin, might become extremely potent for their use in anti-ageing and/or hair removing products.” They understand, and this sentence confirms, that the hair shaft and the outer skin are virtually the same. This product will probably remove HAIR (not the follicle), and it might be used as a sort of chemical peel. Who knows … but, this is not going to be a permanent hair removal product. This is not going to destroy stem cells that are located deep within the follicle (and similarly at the base of the epidermis.

When you say “hair shaft” do you mean the pore that the hair resides in? Because if you are talking about the hair that sticks out of the skin or epidermis, then no they are not virtually the same thing because if they were they would look like the same thing if they were chemically identical they would be the same thing, most likely skin, and we wouldn’t have this little corner of the internet talking about how to get rid of hair. Hair, skin, and nails are very similar in the way the chemicals in our bodies make them up but they’re differences is what makes them what they are and that’s what I’m trying to figure out and attack; and you can bet your bottom dollar once I figured that one out I’m going to share it with the whole world, I’m not going to sell it mostly because I hate how the hair industry has messed everything up and like I, and some people on this site, have said “that if they know a way to do it permanently, regardless of safety, they won’t do it because they fear it won’t be profitable compared with the other methods that ensure that you have to keep coming back”.
And if this wasn’t healthy for the skin why are they using it for the skin they already have products made to help break down the top layer to help revitalize and even skin tone and I’m aware that once you pluck the hair The pore clinches up but there are a few things that can help open it back up and it’s not just this enzyme by itself there’s other enzymes that can help this just helps breaks up the keratin and then the other enzymes that degrades protein fat and carbohydrates which are digestive enzymes theoretically will help finish it off and this is another reason I hate the current market because if they are experimenting with new methods they keep it close to their chest because they don’t want competitors which forces someone like me to figure it out herself with no medical/chemical background.
The few things I do know that are on the market we’re either scams or they’re being dismissed by said market and I just feel they don’t care about that, that’s why I’m taking initiative and trying to figure it out myself.

Okay … that sounds fine. Keep up your quest, and let us know when you come up with anything that looks promising.

Beastly-Beauty. I’m happy that you have been listening to Michaels advice. He has a lot of experience in discussing hair germinology and prevention and eradication, one of the brightest minds I know. But I think maybe he’s a little worn down and I want to let him rest a bit as I know he’s got some upcoming medical treatment
And you may be on to something. It’s clearly “the industry” protecting it’s interests as you have indicated. I remember my early days here on hairtell rallying against this cabal that was preventing me from the knowledge and key to easy permanent hair removal. I was never able to prove it, but it doesnt make it any the less real. Speaking to Michael actually allowed me to make some headway on this issue because, frankly, he was able to point out a couple of things to me. One is, that most of the so called " experts" are anything but.and they really dont know of a method to eradicate hair simply. True they could just be “keeping it to themselves” as you indicate in order to protect their interests, but honestly, the more likely answer is they just dont know how to do it in the first place.
In order to develop a system for killing hair you need several key things. First, you have to know and UNDERSTAND what it is you are seeking to destroy. How is hair formed. How does it replicate> What are the parts involved? Michael is an expert in these areas, in fact , if anyone truly understands the processes around hair growth and skin healing, he is absolutely my go to person with any questions… Once you have answered “what is the thing” we are fighting, and developed a reasonable hypothesis on how to prevent that from happening , you have one more obstacccle to overcome, that is delivering the “treatment” to the place you need it to work. This part , is a little tougher.
So You’ve found your perfect Enzyme. that is going to permanently affect the hair follicle. How do you DELIVER that enzyme down to the follicle to do it’s work? The delivery method is a key part of solving this riddle. The “hair follicle” is a sealed unit. with one door. That’s why neet and other forms of chmical shaving dont affect the hair root, they cannot penetrate the skin and be absorbed by it to reach the bottom of the follicle where the stem cells are…the stem cells that are RESPONSIBLE for generating the next hair. from that follicle. The delivery system is doubly important because the human body has a habit of encapsulating and absorbing foreign substances. .
One possible solution to this quandry, might possibly be, to create the chemicals to destroy the stem cells ( and thus prevent the follicle from generating hair) right in-situ in the hair follicle that you are trying to destroy. And there is a chemical, that is easily produced inside the follicle, that does exactlly that. It’s called…“Drum roll please” …Sodium Hydroxide. It has the ability to be created right in the hair follicle placing it right where it needs to be and is designed to be self-delivering in order to destroy the stem cells.and prevent hair replication. It would be a bit slow, but if heated up COULD potentially take somewhat less time . The expert is this particular type of hair research, is none other, than Mr Michael Bono.
Understanding hair growth, and how to prevent hair from growing, truly is the key to developing a way to oreventing that from happening. You cannot if you are a soldier kill an enemy you cannot see and you cannot as a person, prevent a hair from growing without understanding the processes that cause it to grow in the first place. Of all the people I know, Mike is probably the most qualified to help you in this goal.

In case you missed it, the mystery process for this super -secet to hair removal, is electrolysis. It is what it is. It does have to be done over successive cycles of growth, and for that reason, it’s a process only the most determined should undertake. The worlds “experts” have not stumbled upon any other way for exactly the reasons I pointed out, first you need the chemical that will do your job for you, then you need to get that chemical to where it is needed to be to do it’s job. The only way , in 150 years that this has proved possible, is by actually creating that chemical right where it needs to be. When you then combine that with the intelligence you gathered about your enemy “The hair” you come up with what is, the electrolysis hair removal process.
IT isnt that the secret cabal ( which I never proved existed beyond the AEA anyway) wants to protect it’s market share. It’s that no one else has figured out the right compound to do the job, AND the delivery method to get it where it needs to be. Scientists just arent that smart that they have developed another method.
If you are on an inteligence gathering mission on hair and how to prevent it you’re in the right hands. Think of Michael as the “master spy” of the cold war on hair.
Oh and one more little tidbit of key knowledge. It isnt the hair we are fighing. We are seeking to destroy the structure that PRODUCES the hair. The hair itself, is the ketratin version of a “stick” It’s the symptom, not he cause, that is we seem to detroy the tissue that generates the hair. That tissue, is composed of the hair follicle in it’;s entirety, and specifically the stem cells involved in hair replication. It’s not good enough to destroy the stick if another will grow right in it’s place. We need to destroy the parts that are making that stick.

Fun fact, in my early days of treating clients I had a client who had some very strange ideas about hair , hair removal and even hair tranplantation ( which they were planningto do outside the country) . They were CONVINCED that I was “Injecting” the sodium hydrochloride. via the electrolysis needle ( an IV through the cord maybe?) . Was it ever a complete surprise to them when I told them this wasnt so, that the lye was produced RIGHT IN the hair follicle by electrical current.IT completely blew their mind! Hey maybe that’s the key, rather than using that electrical current and causing all kinds of burns we could fill the tank on our electrolysis machines with heated lye, then inject that into each hair follicle. I’m not sure that would be any quicker, but it does get over the delivery issue.


OMG what a lovely response, Seana … you actually made me cry a little (and, I don’t cry because I’m old and all dried out!) This is so timely, because I’m working on a video explaining why no “rub-on” cream can work: exactly for the reasons you’ve stated. Yours is a perfect explanation.

Funny too, because a San Francisco electrologist (back in the 1970s) developed a tiny hollow needle, into which she put actual LYE and pushed it in the follicle with a smaller diameter needle … I think she mixed-up the dry lye herself into a paste. Sadly, the result was massive scarring, lawsuits … and she fled to, I believe, Mexico! (Probably along with the notorious Dr. Brown … who destroyed so many trans people … and Dr. Chapple fixed many of his disasters.) Oh, I am, by the way, having two shoulder surgeries.

I also concur with your stating that the associations, and self-proclaimed elites, log-jam information, censor brilliant people and want to control information. Still, it’s not the people in the association … it’s the very nature of ANY corporation, political party, news outlet or government. It’s the “system itself” that creates this natural authoritarianism. Controlling information controls people! If you can control the narrative and the people, you can ensure the association’s well-being, and long life.

For YEARS I attended national AEA meetings and was flat-out bored (the same “safe” subjects for decades), and realized that the people I wanted to hear were sitting in the audience! Only once I heard a brilliant speaker … a woman working with a physician … and she told us how to administer local anesthetic. THE ASSOCIATION TURNED HER IN TO THE MEDICAL BOARD! No problems, but that is the shit-thinking of the electrology elites. Funny, 21-years after I published my telangiectasia book … the association allowed Stephanie to talk about it … but, just a little! (Yeah, I’m still angry after all these years.) Generally, the associations are NOT an engine of education; they stifle thought and censor unapproved ideas.

Six months ago, when we were not allowed to work, I made an off-hand sarcastic comment on the AEA Facebook page saying “screw it, I’m going back to work.” (And yes, I’m still an asshat! Proud of it too!) The next day the AEA chapter president called me to “just have a nice little friendly chat.” Remember, I had never spoken to this woman. No, they were trying to “bust me.” The associations are filled with “I’m going to tell on you” types. My God, there is an electrologist in Los Angeles who is using techniques that are so revolutionary that she could change our whole industry! But, no!

Sorry for the long post … but, DAMN I love you Seana! I wish we had 1,000 more of you in our field. Stay strong and don’t be afraid of the “well you know who!” Mike the happy ASSHAT!