keloid scarring...


at one office that does laser in ottawa, i was told i was not able to be treated because i have a tendency toward irregular scaring (keloids)…
as in my scars bulge and turn purple…

however i am still getting treated later this month at another office that doesnt seem so worried about this scarring… (i remember she simply took note of it, and said everything was fine…)
should i be worried?

has anyone heard of any horror stories of people like me getting treated?


I’d ask what kind of lasers they use. You’ll get a more accurate response.

When I was treated initially, they warned me in great detail about the dangers of Keloid scarring, even showed graphic pictures. You might want speak to a dermatologist or doctor to get another (3rd opinion). Worse case scenarion looks like a bad case of chicken pocks or severe acne. Hair on the back is a lot better than severe scarring. You won’t waste $$ on the hair.


eep. and this is on my face…


Scarring is very rare when laser is used in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Maybe getting a test spot will settle the issue for you.



I say get a test spot - I did, and I feel much better about the whole thing. I’m doing parts of my face as well and we all know how horrific it would be if something went wrong.

I’d recommend you make note of the amount of power she/he used (in joules) and makes sure that they use the same amount for when you go in for the full treatment.


I went to get a consultation and I had one keloid on my knee and the rest of the scars I had on my body were normal scars. The doctor still advised me against using the diode system. He said he wouldn’t do it but you can find other offices where they would do it.


Consumers who are prone to keloids should NOT get laser done on their face without having treamtnet in other areas that did not lead to keloids.

Consumers with keloids should go to a dermatologist for laser hair removal consultation. Improper treatment could lead to serious scarring.