kate's aurora experience

Hi dear readers,

My first experience was on the 25 of may (2003).
I had a very pleasant experience in the Netherlands with a new company. They have only just started and the lack of experience is made up by their goodwil.
I have another message i sent in a few weeks back, mentioning the exact levels of Aurora which were used. I’ll look them up some other time and then add them on the thread.

I got my bikiniline and armpits done. Now , about 3 weeks later i have 1/3 less hair regrowth under my arms, (i don’t see too much effect around the bikiniline yet).I am happy with that, for results after one laser job.
I have no scarring and just shave with a razor now. My next appointment is around the 6th of july.

I have dark hairs and light skin. I pay 100 euro’s per treatment, based on the fact i will need about 6 times.


this is just some information that Redhead asked for in another thread. So i am replying to my own post so he can see the info,