Kalo permanent Hair removal cream?

Has anyone had any expreince with this? And how were the results??

It’s a complete gimmick.

Posting the same question in several sub forums here is not adequate in my opinion. We have sections dedicated to methods like this one, and IMO it is not adequate to waste the bandwidth of the laser and electrolysis forums.

I don’t think its inappropriate at all, as I wanted to get the perspective of both laser and electrolysis forums. I think your the only person wasting the band width with your comments that don’t contribute. Moving forward I just wanted to get peoples opinion because I am thinking about trying this product for a small patch of hair which was not successfully treatedby electro or laser please comment if you have something to contribute please… .

Okay, here’s my opinion: It’s pure snake oil crapolla. It cannot offer permanent hair removal like electrolysis does. It cannot offer permanent hair reduction like laser does.

Both of these modalities are the only modalities in 2011 that give people back their life and self-esteem. It is not always easy to kill that little, but mighty hair, but it can be accomplished as long as the human being performing these procedures is doing it to a high ability. What you are asking about offers people false hope. It does nothing more compared to electrolysis or laser hair reduction.

If you would have compared this to Vaniqa, that would be a different story altogether.

Hi Dfahey,

Have you had personal experience with product or know someone that has. I am starting to get desperate as the fine hairs on my forehead are still noticeable. I have had 2 alakline washes which are ok but I believe only a temporary solution. I have resorted to Kalo because I am getting desperate… what else would you recommend if not kalo?

it does not work. I looked that option 6-7 years ago.Would not recommend it.I would save the money and continue with electrolysis.

If google, you will many forums that discussed kalo many many years ago.

Ok thank you for your reply… I still purchased it anyway today, even if it slows the hair growth down I would be happy with that. I have tried electrolysis and laser. I had next to no results with electrolysis and I had one of the most experienced practitioners treat me. Laser 100% of the way for me, I have had life changing results in the last 6 months… I just wanted to use Kalo to clean up the 20% of hairs which laser missed…

Electrolysis works. I don’t know your specifics with your practitioner or your approach.

Use the Kalo if it makes you feel better. Vaniqa works well for some? many? people and is approved by the FDA.

Electrolysis works great in good hands. It’s still the only method that will get rid of fine hair permanently. Don’t get your hopes up for this thing if you don’t want to get disappointed.

Laser is great for coarse dense growth. As we mentioned to you in the other thread, you won’t get anything out of it on finer growth. Please read the FAQs below to learn why.