kalo hair inhibitor

Hi, do anyone know if kalo hair inhibitor really works? has anyone triede it with some results?

I have tried it and it lengthens the time that hair takes to grow back and also makes the hairs seem slightly softer and less coarse. It doesn’t stop hair from growing back though.
I used it for 6 months after i stopped using it the hair growth was back to normal.
I used it on my legs and bum area, My hairs are blonde and some are soft and some are more coarse it made the coarser ones slightly softer
The problem with this product is that it is expensive for what it is
There are other products with similar ingredients that are cheaper

A very good similar but more honest product is Jolen Shave minimizing Lotion.
It does what it says on the label. It doesn’t claim to prevent hair regrowth but just slows it down by up to 50%.
I found it slowed down the hairs enough so instead hair emoval once a week it was once evry 2 weeks if i use it once a day. Ive used it for about 4 months now and so far no problems.
It also acts as a great Mouisturiser and leaves the skin soft also. Also its cheap at around £6 a botttle which is about $11 which is only a bit more than what you would pay for a body mouisturiser anyway.
Someone asked about the face I tried it on my top lip and a small area under the chin where i sometimes get hairs but it hardly made a difference to them hairs.

Hope this helps this is my first post i came on here to get help about laser treatment and ended up hopefully helping someone else out.