Kalo Hair inhibitor and other inhibitors

Hey everyone!

I’ve been lurking on HairTell for the longest time and I finally came up with something to post about!

My background: I am a super duper hairy female. What frustrates me is that apart from my legs, underarms and pubic area, the hairs that cover the rest of my body are very dense but too fine for laser to pick up. I’ve been having electrolysis done on my face but there’s just so many long fuzzies that although I’m sure progress has been made, it seems very minimal to me. I want to blame it on my ethnicity but my immediate and extended family are quite hairless ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ. It’s the absolute worst when certain areas of your body are hairier than your grandpas’ (yes, both)!!

Anyways, around the start of the summer I was feeling incredibly depressed about the excessive growth. My electrolysis results were so slow and it occurred to me that I might have to continue the treatments for the rest of my life. I started browsing the internet and I came across this product called Kalo Hair Inhibitor. I didn’t have much expectations going into it but I figured if I was dropping so much money on my electrolysis treatments, I might as well give the inhibitor a try.

Fast forward to now - I’m actually surprised to say that it might be working. I started off in June testing it on my lower back and a portion of my butt and I’m sensing some kind of decreased growth. In July, I began to use it on my abdomen and I’ve noticed a good decrease in the density of hairs. However, there has been no effect on the thickness of the regrowth. Of course, it may be due to consistent waxing but historically my body has been very resistant to the more beneficial effects of waxing grrrr.

I’ve had laser done on my armpits and for some reason, most of the thick terminal hairs which should have responded well came back. With the application of Kalo, I barely have anything growing back. I am almost certain about this because my armpits usually get lined with fun ingrown hairs several days after a wax. This area of my body has best reacted to Kalo.

Another effect: I started using Kalo on my moustache area after shaving (I don’t get electrolysis there) and now I can go 4 days without shaving as opposed to 1.5 days.

Here’s where I need your help HairTell. I know many of you either have unwanted hair or come into contact with it on a regular basis. Can you help me make sense of the results? Do you think it’s just a weird placebo effect or could hair inhibitors have some sort of truth to them? Completely off topic - I’ve also noticed that my leg hairs are taking much longer to grow after shaving but this could be due to the effect of hair cycles on the effectiveness of laser hair removal which I read about somewhere on this forum. I’ve only applied Kalo to a portion of my thigh twice.

I’m thinking of getting a full hormonal check up soon so I can see if maybe my androgen levels have decreased or something. Another thing to add is, I’ve also noticed more chin hairs as well as mid-digital toe hairs (have you heard of such a thing?!?) so I’m just super confused about what my body is going through.

I know this was a long read and to be honest, I think I just needed a place to rant but it would be cool to see if other folks had similar effects with hair inhibitors. Perhaps hair inhibitors could be a good thing to use before someone is able to gather the funds to begin electrolysis.


TLDR; I used a hair inhibitor and I think it may be working, but my body is being funky