Kaiser HMO Thread

I was trying to reply to the HMO thread, but it seems to be locked.

I don’t know if I have PCOS. I have many of the symptoms. The one hormone test that was done was inconclusive, and the doctor chose to treat symptoms rather than diagnose. Soon after that I lost my job and no longer had health insurance.

One lawyer told me that my feelings didn’t count because I had total control over those.

Got some satisfaction in helping to subvert Kaiser’s big brand launch this week.:slight_smile:

This web site also grabbed the url for Kaiser’s brand campaign, lol!


If anyone else has been crushed by Kaiser, you can help fight their hype by searching for “Kaiser Thrive” on Google, and clicking on the http://www.kaiserthrive.org site.

Also, there are parodies of the campaign promos on that site that you can email to friends.