k jus sum questions

ok im into my third month of electro…so far so good but when is it that the appointments are more spaced out? like 6 months? should there be less hair by that point? or is 9 months when the difference shows? I think I already see a difference but yeah when should it be that time is shorter or ytou go every 2 weeks instead of 1? THXX


Without seeing you, without knowing what you are trying to do, and without knowing how many hairs per square centimeter we are talking about, how are we to answer that question?

If the area were small, and few hairs, you should have a quick step down. If you have lots of hairs over a larger area, and your electrologist can’t clear it all in one sitting, it could take 6 months or longer. Even a small area would take longer if one were not giving the electrologist enough time and regularity to get to first clearance as quickly as possible, and maintain that level of clearance once it is achieved.

hi there, well i just now started to go in every two weeks. before i had to go in every week. and i started end of dececmber of 2004. but i also had a whole two months without electrolysis. so that would be about 7 months or more of electrolysis done. and now i can go in every 2 weeks as opposed to every week.

you can read my post/thread of my progress to give you a better idea. i am having work done on my chin, side burns and chest bone. and recently started work on my nipples. which by far, is the easiest and fastest in hair clearance. for the nipples, maybe every 3 weeks or something and i just started less than 2 months ago! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

good luck

thank you both for responding
Rachelle im basically having the exact same things done as you! I started off with the chest bone and nipple area, but the hairs were pretty coarse because i plucked and did a whole bunch of crap. She has also been working on my sideburns which i have never touched before. Its good to know that afer about 7 months and now go every 2 weeks. That sounds good to me! James, right now the area I am clearing is small, especially the chest cus its not the whole chest, just a little bit that awkwardly started growing hair(no hormone problems) but like I sed it was pretty thick hair, so I guess that could make this longer too. But yeah I was just wondering when the time becomes shorter…but im not complaining…once a week to get rid of this problem is nothing!! thx guys

oh and i had first clearence the very first time i went and still get clearence everytime i go:D:D

Does it take more 7 months to just clear a small are around the nipples? I thought that body hair was easyer to kill of.

The hair around your nipple area could be CLEARED in one small treatment if you are the average woman, but for a man who has a lot more, usually, it could take a couple treatments. CLEARED is not the same as finished. After the area is cleared of all visible hair, then the short and infrequent maintenance sessions could span for 9-12 months.
Do remember that it can take that long for every offending hair to peak through at least once.

I don’t think body hair is harder to kill. All destruction rests in the hands and decision skills of your practitioner to find the correct amount of energy and time needed for a particular type of hair.