Just wondering......

You watch TV and see all these male athletes playing tennis, cycling, running, ect ect and they are all 100% hair free besides their heads. It can’t be that they are all born like that, there must be something that they do to eliminate the hair from their chest and legs. What is it that they do? Do they shave, get treatment, what? Sorry if this is teh wrong section to post this but I couldn’t find anyplace else.

Not all athletes are hair free…most of the male tennis players have hairy legs and arms just like the next guy.

I would say they just wax or shave…dont think they would be using some secret treatment that is not available to the public already. The only difference is they have money and probabaly pay a bit more than other people to get a better treatment.

That’s just my theory.

Agassi was known to wax everything and Sampras was a gorilla. Players like Roddick, Hewitt, and Federer are naturally without much body hair you can tell. Most professional athletes have enormous amounts of money so they probably seek some sort of treatment just like everybody else, they just aren’t proclaiming so whenever they take the trophy.