Just waxed chest for first time.. is this normal??


Hi - I finally waxed my chest yesterday at a professional salon. First of all, it hurt like hell! At first it wasn’t too bad but it seemed like the longer we went the more it hurt.

But once it was done, my skin felt kind of hot but otherwise not too bad. When I got home and looked, My chest was very red (which I expected) and I had a couple spots that looked like the strip took a little skin off. I took a cool shower and rubbed some Aloe Vera in afterwords.

Today I woke up and looked at my chest and it is still very red up top (abs look fine) but that wasnt as big a concern as the next thing… My chest was completely broken out. Basically like every hair follicle was now a whitehead pimple. Hundreds of them. Its now been 30 hours since I had it done and my chest is bright red, sore to the touch, and totally broken out.

Is this normal because I’ve never waxed before? Should it clear up? I was expecting it to be fairly cleared up by now. I had a lot of course hair on my chest so I don’t know if that complicated things.

Please advise! Thanks


Whereas the first time is a little uncomfortable and you will get some redness but since you got all the other symptums of someone of little experience removing hair.

There is a way to have the wax at the correct temp, apply the wax at the correct angle(with a little tail), the time to leave the wax on the skin before pulling (too little time and no hair and too much time and the first layer of skin).

Don’t worry keep applying aloe for a few more days and find someone with experience the next time.
The really good news is the next time in say about 3 weeks is it will be much easier.

In a few days, you need to start exfoilating everyday while in the shower. This will help you from getting ingrowns.

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