just want to thin the hair not kill it

heres a question im sure has been asked before but i wanna put my spin on it. ive been unhappy with my facial hair for awhile now. im a male and it hurts to shave. i get red spots, the whole 9 but you can still see ingrown hairs on my cheeks that frankly just look ugly. ive had a girl tell me id be cuter if i shaved… well umm i do shave its just thats as good as its gonna get. so heres my question. is it possible to simply thin the hair on my cheeks with laser. i dont want to get rid of the hair because i do like being able to grow a beard or whatever but im tired of the shaving burns and it being so thick.

the doctor ive been speaking to uses an apogee laser that he says is great. he claims to have 20% reduction after treatments.

ive also looked into back and shoulders. this is another area i just want thinned but a lot thinner than i would want my cheeks to be. am i asking for unreal results because i dont want to kill the hair just permantly thin it to where it just looks normal.

thanks for any advice yall can give.

The best advice I can give you is to ask your technician. I’ve seen any reviews about thining the hair. However from my personal experience, the technician did ask me if I want to just make the hair less and thinner OR do I want to remove hair completely. (I go for complete off, not facial although)

thanks for your advice. im a full go on shoulders and back but im a bit iffy with the hair on my face because 1-i dont want scaring, even if for only a short while and 2- im not sure what the results will look like and how it will grow in after the treatments are done. if anyone reads this thats actually done it and has had enough time to get used it to please let me know the results.

ive had people tell me to do about 6 treatments on the face but to me i would think 6 would destroy the hair from ever growing in normal looking. i plan on just doing the cheeks and lower neck because those are the areas that hurt the most after shaving, so i am a bit uneasy about everything.

Correction of my previous post, it should be “I haven’t seen any reviews about thining the hair.”

If your skin and hair colours are suitable for laser, then discuss with the technician about exactly what you really want. My technician told me that there are about 50% of patients are male.

If my memory serves correctly, the first time technician told me that if I only want to make it less and thinner, he could do it with lower power and have only 1 to 3 treatments instead of 3 to 6 treatments.

i had my second treatment on my entire beard about 3 weeks ago. although the beard has thinned out on the cheeks it has left one check with slightly more hair than the other cheek. it has also left patchy areas. i have a patch of clear skin under my chin and patchy areas on my upper lip. i have decided not to have any more treatments as it looks a little silly with the patchy areas. like you i just wanted to thin my beard out - as i actaully wanted to grow a beard - just not a thick beard. i am actually hoping that lots of the hair will grow back so that it will look normal again. i you want my advice i would not have your beard lasered as it will most likley not just thin it out but also leave patchy areas. i found that the hair on my neck responded to the laser really well and i am happy with the results there

if any one has had there beard lasered could you please tell me what sort of regrowth you had so that i will know how much may grow back

melborne. did you have any scaring? anyone have to ask what happened to your face? when you shave can you tell it grows in patches?

perhaps a good razor is in order. any of you ingrown facial hair guys have any good products to recommend?

I would say 3 weeks is a bit short to see the result. Recall from my memory, the technician told me that (dead) hair will the skin in one to two weeks period, and will have up to 6 weeks of smooth period, after that, hair will grow back. I would suggest you wait until your next treatment and see if more hair is growing out.

Beard is a huge commitment you may need to see through to the end. You will probably need more than six treatments for male facial hair, although you may reach a point of diminishing returns.

Patchy regrowth is not uncommon, so you may also need to plan for additional work to even out patches, either with more laser or electrolysis. Your beard sounds very dense and coarse. that’s the ultimate stress test, so it’s imperative you go to the very best person you can find.

The best blades are the Mach3 and the Mach 3 Turbo. The Turbo version is the best.

The best electric is the Braun Synchro 7000 series. You will have less ingrowns with the electric and the Braun is almost as close as a blade but not quite as close.

I use the Braun on my beard. One thing I notice if I am not as meticulous shaving, making sure I get every hair, I will get ingrown hairs sometimes. I never get them when I take my time and get the closest shave possible.

Once I get my done with my chest, arms, and back, I am seriously thinking about gettin my beard lasered with the Lightsheer. My technician has experience with it and told me how she starts out slow with lower fluences compared to other body parts. Getting the beard done is more painful too. She did a small strip at the bottom part of my neck where the beard starts and it did hurt quite a bit but it is tolerable. There was almost zero regrowth there after only one treatment.