Just want to do my bikini line...

Hi everybody, I just registered here. I was wondering if one of these home electrolysis machines (I was looking at the sharper image one) would work for what i want. Although I am fairly hairy (I’m a Greek/Italian female) I am mainly concerned with my bikini line. I don’t even want to remove everything, just enough to wear a skimpy bikini. How permanent would this be? About how much time do you think it would take? I’m just so sick of shaving and having to deal with ingrown hair, and, well, you know the rest… The rest of my body hair I guess I don’t have a problem with. I kinda like having arm hair, and it only takes like 10 seconds to shave my underarms… i don’t want to get scars or suffer extreme pain though. So advice from anybody is greatly appreciated… Is there time to accomplish this b4 summer? How long do you have 2 wait b4 u can sun bathe?
Thx, IVY

The One Touch will certainly work - I’ve been doing my gf’s bikini line for a while now with quite noticable results. However, you may have a few problems doing it yourself, unless you’re also proficient at yoga. Best to find a friend to do it for you :smile:

The process is certainly not quick - you can probably budget about 2 hairs per minute once you become good at it, but of course this probably depends on the toughness of the hairs. I haven’t noticed any scarring, and the pain is (apparently) quite tolerable. You will get a bit of regrowth a few months after you clear an area since I guess not all the hairs are showing at once and it doesn’t kill them all first time, however we found after the second time over an area very few come back at all.

Regarding going in the sun, etc, soon after - in our experience a few red dots will appear and last for a couple of days, but other than that nothing noticable at all. Certainly no burns or scarring. You will experience small bumps on the skin similar to mosquito bites, but these go away within a few hours. Good luck!

how long have you and your girlfriend been working on it and how much have you cleared? j/w

Difficult to say how long exactly - 6 months total time, but sometimes only an hour a week, sometimes not for a few weeks, sometimes 3 hours at a time. Total time is probably around 25-30 hours all up, and most of the bikini line is now totally cleared. Not sure how typical these results are though, since the hair is quite thick, and I had to treat many of them twice or more before they came out easily. Of course areas that I only did a month or so ago will need to be redone, but that shouldn’t take nearly as long.

is it hard getting the probe in? i guess what i’m asking is how difficult is it really for you to do? i’m considering buying the one touch and probably will anyways, but i’m just wondering as to how hard it really is. thanks

Not hard at all after a little bit of practice. Of course, it takes experience (with both the instrument and the person you are working on) to gauge the depth required, time required, etc… but after an hour or so you’ll have the hang of it. The actual putting the needle into the pore is quite easy and should be painless (apart from the electrical current when it starts). I do recommend a magnifying glass or something similar, and some good lighting, otherwise you will get eye strain after a while.