just want less hair

I’m a mid-twenty male with some of the hairiest legs you’ll ever see. I’m very pale and have dark, coarse hair so I presume from what I have read that I am a good candidate for laser hair “permanent hair reduction.” My thing is that I don’t necessarily want my legs to be totally hairless. It would be preferable to just have a significant reduction in the amount of hair I have on my legs which is what I understand laser removal is best for. My question is–does this hair reduction look natural?..Can you tell the difference between some natural, normal looking male legs and legs that have been treated by laser hair reduction?

You do sound like a good laser candidate as far as hair color and skin tone.

The difficulty with laser is controlling the amount of removal, and avoiding patterns of regrowth. An inexperienced practitioner can leave you with patchy or patterned leg hair.

As far as the amount, consumers have widely varying reults from a course of treatment. Since most people are going for permanent results that are as complete as possible, it’s easier to get less than that by lowering the fluence. It’s just very hard to predict how much thinning you can expect.

I’d talk to a few practitioners, but make sure to find someone with experience doing what you’re looking for.