Just starting with wax - please help !!

Hi all,

Today I have used wax for the first time… I always shaved my legs…

I have 2 weeks between jobs… of course this would result in damage and pain.

During the last few days i read about waxing - Brazilian wax, leg-waxing and the likes. I thought “Hey, this would be nice to try after more than 15 years of shaving…”

I went to the chemist and bought wax - what type ? go figure - I’m no expert - cold green wax in a tube with 10 small tissue straps.

For the last 2 days I was full of anticipation: I came back home - got the partner out of the way - drank a bottle of wine to perk up the courage and set on the job - waxing !!

I thought I would practice on my legs first - before trying a home-made-Brazilian… (and thank god I tried my legs first)

The whole world is full of wax - the carpet, the couch, my clothes and hair - especially the hair I didn’t want to remove…

My legs are still on fire (2 hours later) and I got mixed up with the whole thing:

The wax does not require warming - it’s just out of the tube. The little straps that came with it were too small (I find) to cover a large area of skin. The wax prefered to adhere to my skin rather than the small fabric straps. Some hairs came out with the wax, and especially short hairs stayed planted in place. Since my hair is very light - I can hardly see where I waxed and what areas still need to be done. The calves went relatively ok (bruises and pain) but the thighs… OMFG I learned a new meaning to the words “pain and frustration”, the wax stuck to the skin - I can’t pull it off at the right angle, I can hardly see or feel the hair on my thighs so this is difficult

And my god the PAIN!! I want to do a Brazilian at home eventually but OMYGOD luckily I tried my legs first…

PLEASE help, I need some good waxing tips. Please don’t tell me to go to a salon because there are none around (I live in Holland - not my fault)

Help ? anyone…?

well my first suggestion is: if the hair on ur thighs is so light (since u say u can hardly see or feel it), then just ignore it. if u can’t see it or feel it, odds are, noone else can either! so it’s wasted effort really to try to remove those… and if they’re so fine, waxing will probably break them off rather than pull them out – so in that case, ur better off shaving, if ur so self-concious about those thigh hairs.

i reccomend u wax in the bathroom, because home waxing is usually quite messy. if it sticks to ur skin, try applying some baby powder SPARINGLY to ur skin before waxing; that’s probably why ur legs r still burning, because the wax stuck to them and irritated them so badly.

also to be able to get the maximum amount of hair removed, take a warm shower before waxing to open up the pores and give space for the wax to surround the hair at the root. make sure ur skin is THOROUGHLY DRY before waxing.

also apply some soothing vitamin e lotion, or tea-tree oil; those should help with the redness and burning.

most people here will advise to go for electrolysis, which is good if u have the money… if not, i recommend investing in an epilator (perhaps by Braun); they’re a lot easier to use, less messy, and cost less in the long run than wax.

hope this helped <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

use hott hard wax… have a professional do your “sensitive regions” your waxed regions will remain red and sensitive for a day or two… thats normal. it hurts, but the more you do it, if the hair doesnt break off, it starts to come back slower.

I think you will really learn to like waxing once you get the knack of it, but deffinatly try a professional for your first brazilian
to prevent bruising,-
make sure the hair is not more than a half inch long, apply the wax in a very thin even layer, apply the strip rubbing it against the skin, HOLD THE SKIN TIGHT, remove the strip very quickly keeping it paralell to the skin.

if you have trouble getting the wax thin enough try soaking the tube in hot water untill it gets warmer and thiner. there are never enough strips in the pack so create your own by ripping up old cotton clothing and sheets or by cutting up pieces of pellon (you can find it in the fabric store called non fusible interfacing). Use any kind oil to remove excess wax from the skin.

Hi people !!!

First of all happy new year !!

I hope you’re all doing well with or without hair !!

Anyway - here’s my update: I decided to keep shaving my legs - one more attempt will probably cost me a new carpet for the lounge… waxing in the bathroom is impossible here - waaay too cold… so I did it in front of the TV.

I normally shave my legs (thighs and calves) once every 2 weeks - so it’s not too bad. I have an epilator as well - but it’s honestly not a good way to remove leg-hair…

The best thing is - I found a special type of wax which does not require the use of cotton-straps - it dries after a few minutes and you can just pull it off with the hair !! Fantastic, so you can probably imagine the rest - yes - a home-made-brazilian… Man was the first time painful, but I covered small area in turn and finished it over the course of 3 days.

The second time was considerably better - hardly any pain and done within less than 1 hour !!

I can seriously say that I “found myself” in terms of hair removal… I use 3 different methods in total - each hair and the best way to get rid of it <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Thanks for all the good advice - I appreciate it <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I’ll be back with more updates when new hairs grow and need to be removed again…

Take care and sya soon <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />