Just starting hormones....need advice


My GP has just prescribed me Ovysmen. He said I’m supposed to have 3 a day but he started me off on a months trial at 2 a day.

After looking at the box and reading the instructions…the tablets are just “the pill” which I read was a poor female hormone that wouldn’t really do enough. However he clearly stated the areas that would change

Each tablet contains

500 micrograms Norethisterone PH Eur
35 micrograms Ethinyloestradiol PH Eur

Don’t know if that means anything to anyone.

Less body hair ( thicker hair on my head )
Fat redistribution ( hips, breasts )
Better Skin ( softer, less greasy )–> I will then smell different because of this
Mental state change ( would be more likely to cry than get angry)

To me that seems like quite a nice list of things that it can do, which begs the question, if a cheap set of tablets like Ovysmen can do it then what would be the need for other more expensive tablets?

So now I’m doubting the effects of this drug…is it really gonna do anything?

Finally I’m not sure how to take the drug. Should I take both tablets at the same time ( like as soons as I get up ) or should I space them out ( One when I get up and one before I go to sleep )

How long will it be before the effects will kick in?

Should I start Laser hair removal now? Or should I wait for the drugs to start taking effect/see if I can get some stronger hormones after my month trial?

I’m 18 years old by the way



Hey there, I’m 18, and just getting started on my HRT as well, in fact i haven’t started taking them yet, as i haven’t received them yet. Now I’m not an expert or anything on this, but I don’t think your GP is either, i think the .035 mg ethinylestradiol and the .5 mg Norethisterone is a great start, but it isn’t going to do a whole lot by itself. Personally, i didn’t go to a doctor and get a prescription, I gathered what I would need from online, mostly from Dr. Anne Lawrence’s website, and i ordered them online. Anywho, the hormones I am taking are as follows:

1mg norethindone (A form of Estrogen)
0.05mg mestranol (similar to ethynilestradiol)
Twice daily as Norinyl-1

2mg Oestradiol
Once daily as Estrofem

100mg Spironolactone (Anti-Androgen)
Once Daily as Spirotone

These levels are comparable to those cited in a clinical trial published on Anne Lawrence’s web site, where estradiol levels in the patients reached 900 pg/ml and Testosterone was lowered to 40 ng/dl

So that’s what I’m thinking about doing, comments from all would be welcome, especially Andrea.

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For younger people, the antiandrogen is the most important part. This will help stop the effects of masculinizing hormones right away. I usually recommend speaking to your doctor about injectable hormones, which I believe may be more effective (though more expensive).

I recommend getting facial hair removal going as quickly as possible, and if you have dark hair and light skin, an alexandrite or maybe a diode by an extremely expreienced practitioner may be an acceptable or preferable alternative to electrolysis. You will probably need to complete the job with electrolysis after a few laser sessions.

This is all medical talk, and not medical advice, so consult a healthcare professional before undergoing any hormonal intervention.