Just need to get this out

Hi all I’m glad I found this place, it’s been interesting and nice to know I’m not the only man embarrased by excess body hair out there.

I used to love sports and was very good at one and even had a career option with it, but found from 17/18 years old onwards that I was just getting more and more hair on my chest arms and legs (and hair on my ass too?!?!).

Eventually I started avoiding the changing room and the gym and the beach on holiday and it basically put me under severe pressure as I had always defined myself as a physical active out-doorsy type. Even worse is the fact that people consider me to have a “good physique” and a “handsome” face and my friends & family don’t understand why it’s been so long since I’ve had a girlfriend they probably think I’m gay LOL. I just don’t have the confidence to take my clothes off, I’m ashamed to even say it even though I’ve done nothing wrong! It’s not my fault!!

Anyway, now I’ve gotten a better paid job I will definately be looking into hair reduction/removal with laser treatment here in the UK as I have light skin and dark body hair. Also I don’t mind if I still have some hair (in fact in the past when I have shaved my chest for example, I didn’t like the complete baldness). I think some hair is not a problem so I don’t care about total removal just a reduction to a “reasonable” amount, it would change my life if it worked and that’s no exaggeration…

It feels good to say all that I have not talked about it with anyone, not even my own mother. Incidentally I know of not one single person in my family with this curse, which really sucks but at least this makes it less likely I will pass this on to any children I have?? I don’t know much about genetics though :frowning:

Thanks for posting this, FuzzyDude! As you note, unwanted hair can be hard on our confidence, and for many of us, getting it under control makes a HUGE difference in how we feel about ourselves. In many cases, it’s enough to get us past our concerns about dating or even going out in public!

You sound like a good laser candidate, but as always it is very important to find a practitioner who uses a good device and who has lots of experience in order to get the best result.

As far as heredity of hair, it’s a very complicated matter, which is why other members in your family may not have the same amount of hair as you. Don’t worry too much, as I imagine there will be several advances by the time your kids would be old enough to deal with this.

Finally, I want to remind everyone here to be careful not to pin all your hopes on changing one thing about yourself, like saying if I just got rid of my unwanted hair, everything will be better. It can certainly make a big difference, but my shyness about dating didn’t go away completely. I just wasn’t AS shy as I used to be about it.

Though your outward appearance certainly changes how people respond to you in a lot of ways, the most important change always comes from within. Once you have your unwanted hair dealt with, you’ll have to take the next steps on your own, and use that extra boost in confidence to improve your self-acceptance.

Thanks for saying what a lot of readers are thinking, FuzzyDude, and keep us posted on your progress!

I feel your pain. I was depressed by my looks, I hated body hair. Actually I was (am) obsessed about hair and it made my shyness worse. I was embarrassed to ask women out on dates and some people think I’m gay too! LOL My electrologist says she has seen it all. Definitely get a consultation, I’m much happier simply because I am doing something about my hair rather than just worrying. You’ll see that it is a common concern that men don’t talk about.