just had my first treatment on mustache area

Ok let me introduce myself first. I’m a 21 year old male with light olive (oily) skin and very dark thick hair. I have very sensitive skin, and shaving in the morning is a pain resulting in almost daily razorburn, particularly on my upper lip. I’ve grown accustomed to using a blade on my face and an electric on my upper lip due to the sensitivity. Another issue is that my stubble returns very quickly, and even after a perfect close shave the stupid shadow is visible under my skin. So basically I don’t look good with a mustache, and shaving is a pain, so I decided to get laser. I made the leap when I saw an ad for half off, I bought a package of five treatments for $200 which I thought was pretty good.

I forget the name of the laser she used. It blew cold air on the skin just as the laser fired, if that tells you anything. The pain was kind of intense! It was tolerable, but for my next visit I think I will take somethink to dull the pain. My skin was a bit irritated after the treatment, it was similar to razorburn and three days later my skin is still a little raw. The hair above the skin was completely gone at first like I had a really close shave, but there was still hair below the skin so there was still the shadow, and in the days since the hair has continued to grow out so I’ve been shaving. She said it would take a few days for the hairs to completely fall out, as an experiment I pulled one with a tweezer, it came out easily with no pain and seemed to be dead at the root. So now I’m waiting for the dead hairs to fall out, until then there’s not really any improvement and I still have to shave. I’m wondering if waxing my lip to pull out the dead hairs is a good idea, any thoughts on that? Any advice on aftercare?

I wouldn’t wax the area due to potential irritation issues. Try keeping your skin exfoliated to help release the hairs.

ok yeah i didnt wax the area or anything, ive just been shaving it with my panasonic. the hairs are finally starting to fall out, and im very pleased with the results let me tell you! my 2nd treatment will be on the 30th. im pretty much sold on laser now and might have a few other areas done.