Just had my 1st treatment last Sat 10/1 -- question

Had my first treatment two days ago at Advanced Laser Clinics. The operator of the machine was very professional and seemed to be fairly experienced (over two years running a laser).

I am a male who had back & shoulders done. I think I’m a type 3 and I think the laser was set at 27.

After the treatment, my back almost looked like a grid with many red sections, in a kind of grid-like formation, about the size of a quarter. My shoulders seemed to have a more uniform “reddish” appearance. (Most of the redness has disappeared by now.)

My question is – did the laser target all of the areas that don’t have a reddish appearance? If the entire back was treated, shouldn’t the entire back have a uniform red color? Or does the laser target the hair that is not in the red area?

Or do I have to simply wait two or three weeks to find out?


you just have to wait 2-3 weeks and see if you see shedding. skin just reacts differently in various areas. it doesn’t mean it wasn’t effective everywhere. what laser was used on you, lightsheer or aurora ipl?


I have to say that I was quite pleased with the technician. This is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but she was very professional about the experience.

The singed hairs was something I wasn’t ready for. I expected the redness, but the black singed hairs were kind of surprising.

Got my fingers crossed for some nice results after the treatments are done.