Just had mens back and shoulder done

Cost $625 (Canadian). Back and Shoulders

Machine: Pitanga (sister to the Aurora - just doesn’t to laser resurfacing for Acne)

The pain wasn’t very bad at all. I had one of the highest settings and she said the readings were very good.

The clinic was referred to me by someone who had good results. I am of East Indian descent. The owner of the boutique is East Indian and lots of her family and friends have had there hair done with very good results.

She said it will take me 4-6 treaments. She is very optimistic, said she’s never had a client disappointed with the results. Said they waited a while to get this machine in because it uses RF and Light energy which is superior to other machines out there.

I do my next treatment in 6 weeks.

It hurt less than getting waxed. Most painful area was near the spinal cord, but not too bad really, and she said she had in on a VERY high setting as my skin tolerated it and I could take the pain. Took about 1.5 hours.

I’ll keep you all posted as the results come in. She said everyone responds differently. In her clinic she said it’s a 40-60 split of men vs women. Back and shoulders is the most popular, but she said when people get good results it gets addictive and they do other areas. She said my session looks very encouraging as I was able to use a very high setting that should allow me to have fewer sessions.

Cautiously optimistic.

Hi, I looked up some info on the “pitanga”. Are you being treated at a place called “Hair Be Gone”? Any more info about the machine or how they compare it to the Aurora would be great. I hope you post your results over the long term as I will be curious about this machine. I personally like the Aurora, so if this machine is better, or the next generation, I have my ears open.

No I wasn’t treated at that place.

I think it’s the same technology as Aurora. Just doesn’t do all the things that Aurora does.

Both the two techs were trained by Aurora and had certificates and my tech worked for a doctor for a number of years with other machines and she said the this machine had the best results and they waited for it. She also said that other clinics refer patients to her.

She is of Irish descent and has red hair. She said she got her underarms done and it worked great on her red hair.

She seemed to be a big advocate of the high frequency technology.

The machine was giving an impedence reading and she kept saying that the readings were very good which meant that it was hitting the hair. She seemed very encourage by the results, so I can only be optomistic.

But she said results vary. She has one current customer who stopped after 3 sessions sayings he achieved the results he was looking for. Another customer had 6 and wanted to come back for a 7th because he wanted some more improvement.

My wife had 5 sessions done on her chin and lip and it’s perfect. That’s one of the main reasons I thought I would try it.

But, I don’t want to become too much of a cheerleader for the machine until I see some longterm results.

I’ll keep you posted.

I talked with a Doctor in England that has been doing trials with the Aurora for a while now, and told me he is baffled by how erratic the results are. Just as you described, some people get simply amazing results while others respond poorly, and he has no idea why. He mentioned a patcxh test on his arm that has a 90% reduction after many months. Hopefully you will respond like your wife and myself, and RJC2001. Sounds like you have the right attitude. Keep posting, and good luck.