Just had first treatment w/ Lightsheer ET... comments?

I just finished my first treatment with the LightSheer ET on my chest. It took about 45 minutes. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the tech was using a fluence 30J/cm^2 with a 30ms duration. Overall, it was rather painful, but tolerable. I did not use any topical anisthetic or anything else for pain. During the treatment there was a strong smell of burnt hair (or maybe, burnt flesh! hah). I’m a type III skin. After the treatment, the entire area was red and sore. There are little black spots all over the treated area, that look somewhat like small moles. I am assuming these are the burnt hairs? And in the less hairy areas, like towards the upper part of the chest, there are lots of red circles.

I would be glad to answer any questions, and I would be happy if those of you that are experienced would post and let me know if my experience sounds about right?.. Thanks.

I just had my first lightsheer treatment today on my face, neck and brazilian. I had a similiar experience, without any topical, and the smell of burnt hairs. I was given some lotion to use after treatments, and so far my type III skin has not broke out or anything. I am intereted in hearing of others expierences as well.