Just had first treatment at Brandeis in LA

Hi. This is my first post here.

I had my first ever laser hair removal treatment at Brandeis Medical in LA two weeks ago.

I am starting with a brazilian bikini. I have very fair skin and dark, coarse hair, so I think I am a perfect candidate.

I opted to buy the numbing cream and applied it about an hour before my treatment. The laser she (the nurse) used was a diode coolglide lightshear, I think. It blew cool air the whole time she was lasering me. The numbing cream helped a lot, I think, as it wasn’t too terribly painful, although it was a little bit in certain areas. The brazilian bikini consists of just about everything “down there” including the peri-anal area.

The only number I remember is that we set it to 40. Next time, she said, we will try 50.

I am experiencing shedding already, which I am very pleased about. I plan on making my next appointment for about four weeks from now.

The shedding that I am experiencing is that I can simply pick out the hair that’s growing back. Is that shedding? Is there a way to make the shedding process easier? Is there any advice or any tips anyone can give me as I start my process?

Thank you!

Shedding is all treated hair falling out 2-3 weeks after the treatment. You can exfoliate and scrub gently with a loofa in the shower. If at least 80% of hair doesn’t shed, something wasn’t right.

You can read about my experience in my thread about this particular place. The problem I had with it is that I saw at most 10-20% shed rather than 90-95% with my other doctor who uses GentleLASE.