Just had first consultation - some help please

I live in Northampton,England and I have just come back from my first consultation at 'Northampton Laser Clinic’on the wellingborough road.

male - hair reduction on legs only (other areas if good results later) - pale with black hair

Just some things i would like to cross check with you guys if thats okay. I was told full legs take too long so they would do lower then upper on seperate occasions. £200 for lower (1 hour needed approx)and £300 for upper. Apogee Elite £25 for test patch.Insisting on 6 week intervals. £500 for full legs then.

My gut feeling isn’t a good one with this place, The lady first started scribbling on a blank sheet the hair stages, I realise now i’ve left without the quote sheet as she went so fast and despite her 20yrs experience says 6 week intervals but those of you that have had legs done are saying 12 + right? I kinda lost interest during consultation and feel a bit deflated. Its not that i’m embarressed but it does feel abit weird when approaching all this laser removal stuff if that makes sense and hoped for a better initial start i guess.

I have identified two other places here in northampton i could go to that use laser not IPL. One is a Sk:n clinic which states prices here So £300 for full legs if i read correctly

Sk:n Clinic Prices

Or here Laser Clinic Which states £55 per 15 mins and i have emailed and they said £30 for test patch and use alexandrite laser for light skin types

If anyone here in Northampton has used these guys any feedback would be great. In anycase I have a question.

How long does full legs take on average if i say i’m not a big guy. Just so i know if the £55 per 15 min is a good deal or not.

Thank you for reading

What on earth??

Full legs do take some time, anywhere from 1.5hrs to about 2hrs to treat thoroughly but most clinics do this in one sitting. Separate is okay if they think it may be too much for the clients but those prices are insane.

I paid £220 for full leg treatments in Central London and the consultation and test patch were free. They use the Apogee Elite too. I just checked prices and for men it’s now £263 peak and £233 off-peak. And this place isn’t the cheapest.

I very much doubt any clinic will tell you to come back at the actual recommended duration of 12-16 weeks though. This is something you will have to observe yourself and ignore their advice.

Not sure about Sk:n clinics, haven’t read any positive feedback here about them yet.

There are a lot of good recommendations for London and the clinics generally do free consultations and test patches. You can always come down here. Seems the train fare will be about the same as a test patch locally.

  • Legs take a while. Half legs can 45-60 minutes or so. Why are they charging more for upper legs? Weird.

  • What is your skin type? Is the hair coarse?

  • Are they planning to use the alex or the Yag portion of the Apogee Elite on you? Did any of these clinics do a test patch? Any idea on settings? You should ask for spot size, joules, and pulse width they’d use at every consultation.

  • No need to argue with anyone on treatment spacing. Just schedule appts when you feel you have enough hair to treat. There is no point to treat so early at 6 weeks, especially when you only want a reduction.

Hi senate.

I go to a sk:n clinic as I find them the most afforable option in my area. They are good - but as you might expect in a big chain, they are probably not as thorough as smaller independent places and they dont have that personal touch which is so nice.

They charge me £300 for full legs, but they have no problem doing them in one setting. They do reccomend 6 week spacing of treatments but as LAgirl says, its best to just wait until you have enough regrowth and not let them pressure you into immediately rebooking.

Good luck with it all!

Thanks for replies - well if thats the time it takes then i guess that rules out the £55 per 15 minute place too - shame because its so close to where i live.

Oh heres a flickr link to 2 photos i put up leg pic 1 and leg pic 2

I’m very pale with black really wiry hair pretty much like that lower, knees and thighs. I have actually trimmed it a bit I really would like a lot less. I declined at the Clinic this morning for the £25 test patch simply as i was not sure i wanted to pay £500 and not be able to do it all in one go. I will of course check for settings wherever i do actually have a test patch.stoppit&tidyup I guess London is cheaper - more places = more competitive. If the places you recommend are near tube stations and not hidden thats not too bad as i would get lost otherwise. If this last place in Northampton is no good…

In the meantime babbenclark - I am left with the Sk:n Clinic option here in Northants to try and yeah its £300. I will call tomorrow and book a visit. Thats it then as far as places to go here. But babbenclark when you say they are not as thorough at Sk:n do they offer touch-ups then?

Generally though i am right to think i would only need about 4 sessions maybe

If you only want a reduction, I’d plan on 3-4 sessions spaced 12-16 weeks apart on the legs.

If the clinic is thorough and draws a grid over the area, to make sure they don’t miss anything, missed spots can be avoided.
I’ve never had any significant missed patches. Just a couple of hairs, where you can tell it was really just perhaps not very well overlapped zaps.

If they aren’t drawing a grid, especially on such a large area, I’d be sceptical in regards to how thorough the treatment can be. Do ask at the consultation.