Just got an estimate for the following laser, help w/ laser choice...


Hi, i am getting coarse bikini area done. My skin is olive and darker medium. I’m going to try to lighten the area w/ hydroquinine for 6 weeks b/f hand then go w/ laser.

Today i visited an laser practitioner w/ 5 years experience. THe machine is the Diode Light Sheer EC (11-60 joules, 811 nm, 9mm). 4 sessions for $250 each, underarms for $150, then $150, $125 thereafter. What do you think of this laser in terms of any permanent removal or change to the hair in these areas? I could always get electrolysis (i have a great one in nyc) on my underarms, but would want laser on the other. Can anyone speak to the choice of laser, the price is definitely competitive.

Thanks so much.


Diodes are effective when operated properly but more likely to cause pigment change in darker skin tones. Your call.


Is there anything one can do to minimize risk of pigment change, are there any notes on the permanancy of pigment changes causes by this laser. And are there any other lasers that come close to the results of the Diode w/ less risk? Thanks for your info.