Just Bought a New One Touch

I just bought a brand new One Touch Personal Electroysis Pen, and this is my goal. I want to get the hair on my dick, nuts and my ass area. Are there any tips you can give to a newcomer on personal Electroysis with this machine? I’ve read around a little and googled it, some say it scars, some say its no good, some love it. Has anyone else been working on the area that I want to do? Thanks.

I successfully cleared this area with a one touch and have had no regrowth for several years now. Tips for it’s use are at http://www.geocities.com/hairfreethere/ Working on your own rear is tricky though.

I eventually wore it out and made my own unit, which is much easier to use and cheaper to maintain (details at that same site).

where have you bought it?

Not sure why you want to know where I bought mine since you say you just bought your own.

The web page above had a link to Folica.com They sell the unit for $29.95 at http://www.folica.com/One_Touch_Hair__d105.html

As I mentioned previously, you’d be better off building your own for about twice the price if you have any skills with small projects.