just bought a facial mitt

Haven’t used it yet and I’m a little nervous. Anyone have any experience with these? I’ve heard of people using the actual mitts that you’re only supposed to use on your legs. Anyway, wondering what the turnaround period was for regrowth. I have to shave at least twice a day. If I do the mitt, when should I expect to do it again? I’d like to give it a try before I go to visit my boyfriend…but I don’t want to have to do the friction stuff while I’m with him! I’m hoping if I do it that morning, I’ll be good all week! Wishful thinking! Should I try it a few days earlier just to test it? Thanks

I definitely did NOT get a week’s worth of hair removal from the mitts. More like one day, I’m afraid!!!

However, I did like them. They leave your skin nice and smooth, and the hair seems to grow back more mercifully - softer - than with shaving.

But as for longevity - not so great, in my experience!

But I still liked them.

Be careful not to rub too hard or your skin will get kinda burned from the friction. The trick with them is that even though they don’t feel like they’re doing anything when you rub softly in circular motions - keep doing it, check in a minute, and you’ll find the hair is gone. So don’t press down harder, even though you’re tempted!

Excellent tips, Anonymous!

Anyone wishing to try out a new hair should not do it right before a special occasion, especially on the face. Give yourselves at least two weeks in case there’s a bad reaction, especially if there may be pictures involved.

The mitts rub hair off at the skin’s surface. This is a good exfoliant as Anonymous pointed out, but you must be careful to rub as little as possible. They also tend to leave the hairs a little less bristly than shaving. The are much better for wispy hairs than for coarse ones.

Regrowth will usually be at about the same speed as shaving. A week is definitely wishful thinking if you shave daily.