Just back from my first laser treatment !

Hi everybody, I’m new here, but whatta great site this is.

I’m 23, and since nine years old I have had hair in “problem” areas, ie. other than on arms, legs and even back… White girl with a Patani grandmother.

Many know what psychological awquardness this brings, and after many years of dealing, concealing with this hair every day of my life I’ve started to fix it, slowly but surely.

I just had my top lip done, should take 5-7 treatments at 80euro’s a go, out of my budget but it’s for the best. In between treatments I have to wait 6 weeks, an end to waxing and bleaching, I can only use removal creams and shaving- gah!!!

The worst thing was not admitting it to the people at the laser clinic, or even showing them, talking about it was hard- words never previously uttered or accepted by myself, so it was a bit teary.

My biggest fear came when she told me “6 weeks between treatments, no waxing or plucking!” And I had instant flashbacks to being 13 years old, finding some pink hair removal cream from an aunt, slapping it on my lip, and voila- bright red and later scabby for a week! But I find the creams are more gentle nowadays, I use “Silx” specially for the face, but only leave it on for two minutes, as it still burns my sensitive skin, given the chance.

I found in the prep weeks before my frst treatment that my “moustache” looked better since I “creamed it off” than when I used wax and bleach anyway! Because it wasn’t there, and the cream melted quite close to the skin, so not leaving a stubbly appearance. And with wax, I would get blemishes, sometimes burns, and skin coming off.

The laser technology used was “epilight”- several different bandwidths of light to correspond with several stages in the “growing phase” of the hair. Each hit covers 4.5cm.

It really hurt ! ! ! But now, an hour later, pain is no more than if I had waxed. Getting a tattoo hurt more (one would hope!) but at the time I was thinking, “I’ll keep my moustache thanks, this hurts too much!”. The lady explained to me The first time hurts the most- or, RATHER, The time you have the most hairs (in the active growing phase) hurts the most. So for me the worst is over in that area…

Now I am red, thankfully the clinic is just down the road from my house, I rushed out embarrassed, I think one guy saw it !

Now i sit with a coolpack over it, and the lady gave me some cream.

At least I have two days before I resume work! I wanted to be careful that I don’t go in with a red lip, certain people will see and talk about it (really- they will!) but I think it will be better by tomorrow at this rate.

The hairs will take upto 2-3 weeks to fall out, but in the meantime I can cream and shave so that’s no worry, and I can wear make-up straightaway, though I’ll wait for a couple of days.

Well here’s my essay, to say hello to everybody and to share my trip at the laserclinic with you.

Thanks for reading,

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thanks for posting. Epilight is an IPL and not a great one, so I wouldn’t expect amazing results. They should be better if you have very light skin and dark coarse hair. How coarse is your hair btw? Have you considered whether this or electrolysis was best for you?

Also, it would be hard to tell if the hair sheds if you constatly shave/cream it off. Make sure to pay close attention. Hair needs something to help push it out of the skin.

How much hair do you have in this area?