Just an Update - I will be a human science project.

Just to update you on what I will be doing assuming I am satisfied with the initial consultations, I have decided on 2 lasers, a gentlelase and a sciton. I am having the gentlelase done by a lady who serves as the leader in Texas for the society of clinical and medical hair removal and has been involved in hair removal including electrolysis for around 25 years. I am having the Sciton done at the University of Texas Department of Plastic Surgery and Laser Research Center. Both of these clinics are very helpful and willing to take pictures, give me copies of settings, and even want to monitor and see the results of the other laser. I have chosen these 2 so far because of experience, not cost. These are 2 of the more expensive clinics in Dallas/Fort Worth. Of course, I am only getting 4" x 4" areas done and will follow the progress from beginning to end, as many treatments as necessary to determine results. I will be more than willing to show everyone on these forums my progress WITH CLINICAL INFO. Hopefully, it will help people in the future. I have talked to numerous other clinics who have said what I am doing is wasting time and ridiculous. They even seem put off by my doubting their effectiveness. I respond by saying OK, a: show me some clinical evidence, b: give me a written guarantee that assures me at least 60% reduction lasting in 3 month intervals or my money back or at least some of my money back. They always respond with the same crap about hormones, and that I may have a medical condition. I tell them even if I do, (which I don’t) that I still shouldn’t be charged if the laser doesn’t work. Once again, I look at everything as if I was in the other person’s shoes. If I owned a laser clinic, which maybe one day I will, I will be the first one to show clinical results both the successful and not so successful ones and give a satisfaction guarantee based on hair counts. It amazes me that almost every doctor says they did not get in the field for money, yet they have no problem taking an unsuccessful patients money. I could not sleep at night.

We’ll be looking forward to your results.

sounds like a plan. keep is posted