Just about to begin !


light colored (not white though)
black hair
current location: HOUSTON - TEXAS.

primary aim: to remove chest, abdomen hair in volume (altogether perhaps), permanently. maybe a little upper back and front thighs.

I was not sure what technique to adopt, there are alot of options.

After like 6 hours of googling, i think laser would do the job.

But i dont know which place to go here in Houston, or what laser option to follow (if i am given that option).

Can anyone suggest a relaible location here and what laser option to follow.
Any help in this regard would be greately appreciated.

In return ill post my success story in detail so that others can benefit <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

I plan to have the procedure started in 1 months time.

BTW, did i mention that this forum has helped me alot in knowing about different options and specially the experiences you people share are simply great. Thanx to all of you.

I found the follwing in Houston:

is it any good and also what about the prices?.


ps: sorry for the lengthy post

Iridex is a good diode laser. Your skin may be too dark for it so I would get a test spot. If you react badly to it you will have to go with a Nd:YAG like a Coolglide, Sciton, or Lyra-i.

As the hair gets finer, the Iridex may not have enough fluence to treat the hairs. I think it only goes up to 40J but I don’t recall for sure. I would prefer a diode laser that goes up to 50 or 60J.

If you decide on the Iridex, just get one treatment to start rather than commit to a package. That is not a real big discount for 6 treatments. I really prefer to pay for treatments one at a time when possible. $400 is not bad for a chest or back treatment.


Thanx alot.
Do you know any good reliable place in Houston.
Have you visited the link ive posted. Is it any good ?

And in your knowledge, has there been any serious side effects reported by anyone ?

and what about: alexandrite, ive heard you say that it is faster.

The hair sheds faster, that’s all, with an alexandrite laser. If you have skin type III or higher, I would recommend the diode. And at IV or higher the Nd:YAG would be better. Type IV is borderline for the diode. If the practitioner is very good, the diode can be used at longer pusle widths with good results.


i’ve had good results with an alexadrite laser (GentleLASE). either diode or an alexadrite laser will work well on skin type up to type III and dark hair. the practitioner skill is a lot more important at that point than the option of which of these types of lasers to use.