just a question

It seems to me that there is a general distrust of Global Electrolysis Supply and all of its products. But, if you look at the specifications for its home laser systems, some seem to be capable of producing effects comparable to most of the professional systems people have used in doctors offices.

Do not take this as me supporting the site or the company as i have no affiliation with either. I really am just curious as if a machine capable of producing 35 and 45 j/cm2 would work for permanent hair removal. I honestly have no clue on this matter, hence me asking for someone who does to help me out.

just wondering

That piece of garbage is a laser like you find in a laser pointer or the UPC code reader used at the checkout counter in the store. It is a complete waste of money and a scam.

Nothing at Global Electrolysis Supply should be purchased.

looks like a very expensive scam! :fearful: