just a question about hyperpigmentation

I am of Asian descent. I am soon going to get electrolysis on my whole face and my skin color is like of latinos, not tooo dark not too light. So does this means there are chances of me get hyperpigmentation?? I have read on this board and heard from electrologists that hyperpigmentation Can occur on people with with my skin or darker and may fade and may not fade. I do not want that for my skin. Does the electrologist knows before hand if the person he/she is treating is going to get hyperpigmentation?? Please do reply me on that, anyone who knows. bye now.

No one can say beforehand what your skin will do.

That is one of the reasons why you get consultations AND sample treatments from as many electrologists as you can before you hire one to be your exclusive provider.

You must also make sure that you deliver good post treatment care to the skin, as you can have excellent electrolysis, and then pigment and pit yourself by practicing poor after care during the times in between treatments.

If you find a good electrologist, you should have little if any pigmentation, and any that you do get should be gone in 3 weeks, to 3 months. Just make sure that you get some Aloe, Aloe-Based Cortisone Cream, and Tea-Tree Oil (Melaluca Alterifolia) and keep the area clean, dry and keep your hands off the treated area. You are allowed only the rubs at the office when the area is completed (you did wash your hands before you touched your face didn’t you?).

I treat people with slightly dark skin since I live in South of Spain and I have never seen it.
Perhaps it can occurr people who have skin with freckles or get it easily.

You have to find a skilled electrologist. It is the most important.

Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda
RN and electrologist

thanks for the sincere advice. I think I have found a good electrologist, now I will go meet her. And also get new tests done for hormones from endrocologist.Offcourse Iwill keep my face clean, I have mild acne.

Hi sahara,
I am asian with olive skin and have been having electrolysis for 7 months now. I had alot of very fine hair on my face which I made worse with waxing and laser.I am having electrolysis all over my face-method used is short wave. Do not consider laser! It is not permanent and can make the growth worse like it did in my case. Hyperpigmentation can occur with an elctrolgist who is poorly skilled. I have been to many electrologists here in the UK and after months of searching have finally found the right one. I have freckles on my face so I also have to be extra careful. I use tea tree oil and sun protection factor 30 everyday without fail. Which has done wonders for my skin. Electrolysis does work as I have seen a massive reduction of hair growth in 7 months! I have a way to go yet and started off going weekly. I am down to seeing my electrolgis every two weeks now, which is saying something to me. I hope everything works out for you. :relaxed: