judy adams in st. aug florida

this question is for andrea. i was almost heading to judy adams b/c she is in my town and i noticed she performed both electrolysis and laser. i thought that would be beneficial. most people i have talked to do one or the other and only know about one or the other. i haven’t gone to see her yet after reading your warning. do you warn against her because for personal reasons or can she really not perform the work well. a little more insight on her would be nice when you get a chance. i am a twenty two year old male interested in removing shoulder and back hair. thanks

Judy is knowledgeable about a great many hair removal topics. My issues with her are aggressive marketing tactics and general unpleasantness toward consumer activists and industry peers who dare question her authority.

Judy Adams has also been heavily involved with “Kitty” at consumerbeware.com, both as a client and a champion of “Kitty’s” brand of advertising disguised as consumer advocacy. That’s a big no-no in my book.

You shouldn’t have to look too far to find a few clients who can share their experiences with Judy. She is quite experienced, which is usually a sign someone has an acceptable skill level.

Give her a big howdy from me if you decide to use her. Unlike “Kitty,” I don’t want any money from her, either. I’d rather get support from readers.

For those who wish to contact her, Judy’s info is on this site: